What Happens If You Leave A Root Canal Untreated in Dubai Cost

It is a medical procedure done by the entrance of bacteria into the pulp. This causes infection and damage to the pulp. It protects our teeth and surroundings from infection and destruction. This procedure is delicate and invasive and local anesthesia is given to the patient before starting this procedure. It causes numbness and prevents pain and itching. This root canal treatment has very effective results and it has gained popularity nowadays. Come and know What Happens If You Leave A Root Canal Untreated in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

What is It?

This is a revolutionary method that is performed for the removal of bacteria that has gained entry into your pulp. This is a delicate procedure that is done under the supervision of an expert endodontist. He will give you anesthesia and take out the pulp for cleaning and removal of all bacteria. The inside surface of the tooth is also disinfected, cleaned, and filled with a filling material. As all the nerves are numbed so you will not feel any pain or discomfort. The plus point of a root canal is that it does not involve the extraction of a tooth and the pulp is cleaned and inserted.


It is done all over the world and is versatile for its fruitful results. It is the most recommended dental procedure of all due to its numerous benefits such as

  • It prevents the spread of infection to surrounding gums and jaws.
  • It does not involve tooth extraction but cleans the infected pulp.
  • It reduces pain and inflammation.
  • The infected pulp destroys the tooth bone and may cause bone loss. It is secured by this root canal.

Recovery and Results:

You do not feel much pain after the root canal and sensitivity after the root canal lasts for at least one to two days. The after-symptoms are normal and you can have painkillers if you feel more pain and discomfort. The patient completely recovers within one to two weeks and the intensity of after effects also lessen. You will notice instant results and gets relief from pain and discomfort. 

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Why get a Root Canal in Time?

It is a quite painful procedure and if left untreated can cause severe pain. The teeth get worse and you will notice the following tooth problems

  • Swollen Jaws:

This pus from gums can also drain into the jaws. Your jaws get swollen, which increases the risk of infection. Inflammation of the jaws might change the taste of the food you eat and cause smelly breath from your mouth.

  • Broken Tooth:

When your tooth gets cracked it leaves an empty space that eases the entry of bacteria. Harmful infectious bacteria gain entry into it and cause damage to teeth and inner gums. 

  • Abscessed Teeth:

The root of teeth gets filled with pus that can invade the surrounding soft tissue and bone. It can lead to tooth damage and bone loss which is quite painful.

  • Spread of Infection:

The pulp inside the tooth gets infected which causes damage to blood-supplying nerves and vessels. Your mouth gets prone to infectious agents and bacteria can invade the inside of an oral cavity. 

Risks of Delaying a Root Canal?

The pain that you feel in your tooth is an indication that something is going wrong with your teeth. It ranges from mild and then becomes severe if you left it untreated. The longevity of discomfort can cause infection in the mouth that can invade all the surrounding tissues too. Oral health is the basic part of keeping your mental and physical health strong. Any damage to a tooth can penetrate the entry of infectious agents that can cause destruction to teeth. If you delay the root canal your inner pulp will get damaged and it will restrict the blood supply to the tooth. 

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