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Do you feel hurt by the presence of a root that got stuck in your teeth? Sometimes when you have tooth loss the root of the teeth remains intact in the gum. This root needs surgical removal to maintain good oral hygiene. Teeth are a crucial part of the oral system that performs multifunctions. It not only helps in chewing and grinding but also makes your smile attractive.  Tooth problems are more common now and can lead to life-threatening health risks. At present many effective dental procedures are introduced to sort out all tooth problems. The majority do not know What Happens If A Root is Left In The Gum in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. You can visit our clinic and get to know about it.

How do You Remove It?

You need to visit the dentist if you experience the presence of roots in the teeth. He will take out the root along with the retained teeth. The procedures that are done to remove the roots are root canals or other amputations. These procedures are performed under local anesthesia so that you may not feel pain. Your surgeon makes an incision on the gum to fully expose the root.  

Then he uses dental instruments such as forceps or lancets to make the root loosen. He will pull out the root easily along with the retained teeth.

What Are the Outcomes?

If the root of the teeth is left in the gum you may experience the three possible outcomes 

Our teeth have many vessels and nerves that provide nutrition to them. This aggregation of vessels is known as pulp. This pulps gets exposed and stimulates the attack and growth of various bacteria. Pathogens can easily enter the inner cavity and cause serious teeth problems. 

The other possible condition is that roots remain intact in the gums and do not cause any pain.

Lastly, it gets extruded and falls out of the gums on its own. 


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Is it Safe to Have Roots in the Gum?

It is unconsidered unsafe to have roots intact in the gums. The area is fully uncovered that stimulates the entry of pathogens inside the teeth. Actually, it can cause the destruction of pulp material and stops nutrition. As a result tooth damage can occur which also provokes the chances of many other oral diseases. You should consult a dentist and should go for root removal to maintain good health.

What Happens to the Retained Root?

A retained root is named this because of its presence due to previous tooth extraction. Sometimes during previous tooth removal, the root remains inside the gum and is not visible. This causes pain and often swelling in the gums. Your teeth also feel sensitive so this root needs to be removed. A tooth root in the gum can cause serious infections in the mouth. 

Does it Hurt?

The root is sometimes pointed inside the gum. It is not exposed and holds the teeth in the jaw. The root provides basic support to the tooth and helps it to perform its functions properly. If the entire root remains in the gum and the tooth is removed it might cause pain and discomfort. Your tooth may become weak due to disturbance in getting proper nutrition. 

Why Choose Us?

We offer many cosmetic dental procedures at our Enfield Royal Orthodontists Clinic in Dubai. Dental procedures require expert and experienced doctors for the best results. We have an entire team that works in coordination and keeps the client’s satisfaction as the utmost priority. Come and know What Happens If A Root is Left In The Gum in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and get this effective procedure. 

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