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The teeth have an extremely intricate and sensitive structure despite their small size, with many subtle differences. What Happens During a Root Canal Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Therefore, the tooth is made up of two parts: the crown, which is located immediately above the gum, and the pulp, which is situated inside the root and is inserted into the gum. Every tooth also has a sizable interior cavity. The pulp chamber is the name of it. Small root canals are removed from it. While the anterior teeth may only have one or two canals, the posterior teeth may have two to four. Dental tubules are branched slender tubes. They start at the highest point of the tooth and work their way down. The apical foramen is the name of this region. 

Why are Dental Root Canals Treated?

There is a good risk that conditions including pulpitis, periodontitis, and cavities will progress to root canal conditions. The cause this is that these illnesses cause the tooth to develop an empty cavity or cavity, into which food particles frequently fall. There, they start to deteriorate, which opens the door for infection and inflammation, both of which have negative repercussions for the teeth. All types of diseases and bacteria emerge with decaying. All of this causes major inflammation and illnesses that require quick medical attention. To prevent the issue from coming again, the cavities themselves must be fixed. Therefore, filling materials are used to seal the cavity after it has developed.

How is the Treatment Performed?

What Happens During a Root Canal Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi? Depending on the circumstance, there are numerous steps to root canal therapy that is completed over a number of appointments. These are them:

  • The chewing surface of a molar or premolar’s crown, or the palatal or lingual surface of a front tooth, is first opened by the dentist.
  • The pulp chamber and the damaged pulp are removed (pulpectomy), cleansed, enlarged, and readied for a refill.
  • A temporary filling is put in the hole to safeguard the tooth if you need to see the dentist more than once.
  • The temporary filling is subsequently taken out, and the pulp chamber and root canals are filled permanently. Each of the channels is filled with an elastic substance called “gutta-percha,” which is frequently cemented with cement. For further support, a metal or plastic rod may occasionally be placed into the root canal.
  • In the final step, the dentist fixes the crown’s natural form or, if required, implants an artificial one to give it a more appealing appearance. Prior to placing a crown, a post may be necessary if the tooth is seriously injured.

What is Included in the Treatment?

Endodontic therapy, or the treatment of the tooth’s interior cavity, is a somewhat challenging and sophisticated procedure. Additionally, the fact that most patients consult a specialist too late might exacerbate matters. By then, the infection has typically already reached the jawbone, which makes the healing process considerably more challenging.

It is important to address one of the most common queries, “How long does the operation take?” Actually, it depends on how many teeth they are. If one, then around 30 minutes. If more, then between one and two and a half hours. Additionally, a lot of people worry about questions like “do root canals hurt”? No, is the response.

The teeth can be filled and replaced with prosthetics after healing. The fillings often stay in place, and the teeth endure a very long period. Only when the bite changes (in youth, adolescence, or old age) or when a person consumes objects that are not meant to be consumed as food, such as dry bread, bones, cartilage, and nut shells, can they shatter or fall out.

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