What Do You Need To Know About Direct Hair Implantation in Dubai Cost

Hair is nature’s gift to us. They add so much beauty so our appearance. But most importantly, a healthy and thick hairline provides a youthful appearance to our personality. There are a few people who stand firm over the course of time, all thanks to their great genes. But a majority of people actually suffer from balding. Men are usually the ones, most affected by this problem. Sometimes balding in men actually happens because of their genetics. But thanks to advanced technology, every genetic default can be re-coded. If you are someone suffering from premature or mature balding, Direct Hair Implantation in Dubai is a solution for you. Discover; What Do You Need To Know About Direct Hair Implantation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? And get help fast.

How Does The Treatment Work?

It is an advanced surgical treatment. The aim of the treatment is to examine your hair loss. And create a new hairline specifically designed for each separate candidate. The goal is to restore hair in areas of balding patches. The technique uses a circular surgical punch that cuts around each hair follicle. The follicle is then carefully lifted out. And is released into the hair root from the surrounding skin. The treatment involves making small incisions in the targeted area of the scalp. And hair follicle is cautiously inserted according to the angles, direction, and density of the hair. The donor area for the implantation of your hair is from your own hairline. They are the hair from the back of your scalp area. They are thick and can easily be inserted in the gaps.

What Is The Aim Of The Treatment?

It is designed for people who are suffering from hair loss. This is a common problem that is usually found in males. The hair begins to thin because of a hormone. It starts by thinning the hair and with the passage of time, hair eventually falls out. It is a male pattern of baldness. Men usually notice their decrease in the temple areas and slowly move to the crown part of the head. As aging progresses, you will notice the entire scalp getting bald. Except for the back side of the scalp. These hairs have been known to be resistant to changes inside the body. Therefore, when a person decides to opt for an implant. The surgeons extract the resistant hair and surgically transplant them to their new locations. This results in a firm re-growth of the hair. 

What Is The Procedure of DHI?

Below is a step-by-step guide to guide you through the whole procedure;

  • The surgeon will start off with the help of computer hair analysis.
  • This will help to understand the structure and quality of your hair loss. The graphs calculate the number of transfers required to fill the gaps.
  • The expert will design the front of your hairline on your forehead area. It is a guide to hair implantation
  • Hair transfer begins by extracting the hair from the back of your scalp. This is your donor area.
  • One by one, the hair grass is removed from one area. And inserted into the new location.
  • Your hairline is restored according to the thickness and direction of your hair follicle. It is a slow procedure. And takes time to complete the transfer. So you must be very patient during the course of action. 
  • The whole procedure is done under local anesthesia. This will allow you to sit back and experience a pain-free session. Hence, within the estimated period of time, you will re-grow your hair fully and naturally.

What Are The Benefits?

There are multiple benefits to Direct Hair Implantation in Dubai. Read more to find out;

  • The healing process is so much faster than other old classical techniques.
  • No scars are formed on the skin of your scalp. And the hair grows within 3 months.
  • The advanced technology delivers the most natural-looking transfer of the hair. This does not cause any harm to your existing hair.
  • The tiny wounds heal in dot-like scars. No one will be able to notice any scarring on your scalp.
  • The newly implanted hair will grow to the fullest in less than a year.
  • And lastly, you can enjoy your lush new hair. No one will be able to notice any signs of a transplant. The hair grows naturally, and the result can last for a lifetime. 

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