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Teeth play a vital role in our appearance and beauty. Having properly aligned teeth is a great blessing. Unfortunately, many people face severe dental issues due to multiple factors. They face tooth loss, misaligned or crooked teeth, and many other issues. People face many physical issues due to crooked teeth that makes their morale down. They can not smile openly and feel hesitant to talk or smile in front of others. If you wish to have perfect teeth then pay a visit and know What Causes Teeth to Become Crooked in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Pay a visit and have a dental procedure to make your smile beautiful and potent. 

What are Crooked Teeth?

This is the most common problem among youth that is caused when the size of the upper or lower jaw is smaller than usual. It is caused by a variety of factors ranging from anatomy to poor oral hygiene. They can also be inherited or formed due to childhood habits There are many treatments available for aligning the teeth and making them fixed in their place. It helps to boost the self-confidence and smile of the person. 

What are its Causes?

There are multiple causes for crooked teeth. The factors involved in malocclusion are illustrated below in detail:

  • Poor Oral Hygiene:

Teeth play an essential role in physical health and well-being. Lack of proper care for teeth results in serious dental issues. If you do not brush your teeth daily a yellow lipoid material gets stuck on your teeth and your gums swell. Eventually, swelling of the gums causes severe oral infection. If this is left untreated it causes the teeth root to become weak and they lose, shift and fall out of the mouth.

  • Early Tooth Loss in Baby:

Premature tooth loss in babies is another crucial factor resulting in malocclusion. It causes crowding in the jawbone when permanent teeth arise. 

  • Congenital or Hereditary:

Cleft palate or lip, jaw shape, and size, abnormal development of teeth, overbites, and underbites are the hereditary factors that are involved in the misalignment of teeth.

  • Use of Pacifier or Thumb-Sucking Habit:

If your child has grown, and his permanent teeth are protruding out then using a pacifier or sucking the thumb may lead to dental problems. This is also the main cause of crooked teeth.

  • Malnutrition:

If you are malnourished and have nutritional deficiencies then you may face serious teeth issues. This may impact the teeth’ alignment, their development and causes tooth decay.

  • Any Injury or Trauma:

Sports injuries or hurting yourself while playing also cause crooked teeth. Any kind of facial trauma makes the teeth overlap with one another.

  • Breathing Through Mouth:

A child who breathes through the mouth is more prone to misplaced teeth.

Problems Caused by Crooked Teeth:

There are many problems caused by unaligned teeth. It causes many oral issues that increase day by day. 

You will have difficulty in speech and you are unable to speak fluently.

People with crooked teeth may face self-esteem issues. They feel hesitant about going out and talking to someone.

It also causes many periodontal problems such as gum disease and tooth decay. If this disease is left untreated it causes damage to the jawbone and teeth. 

Misaligned teeth lead to chewing problems and you unconsciously bite your lips and tongue. 

The food you eat gets stuck in between teeth causing bad breath from the mouth. 

How you can Straighten Your Teeth?

During your dental visit, your dentist will examine your teeth and guide which procedure is better for you. If you move forward to align your teeth you will be discussed with all methods.

Treatment options for crooked teeth are:

  • Braces:

This is a true option for straightening your teeth. It may take some time to align them but the teeth get permanently aligned even after removing them.

  • Clear Aligners:

Another procedure for crooked teeth is clear aligners. They are transparent and are not visible on teeth. Aligners are the most popular treatment done to align teeth. It gives you better smile than other treatment options.


You have read all the above causes that lead to misaligned teeth. In addition to genetics, there are other factors that are also equally involved in leading to unaligned teeth. So you take care care of your baby in his growth phase you matt save him from many complications. If you have a child, whose primary teeth are losing and permanent teeth are growing. Make sure that he does not suck his thumb or use a pacifier for a long time to prevent misalignment.

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