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Sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling down and getting rid of harmful chemicals. But excessive sweating may cause reluctance in carrying out normal activities. They report feeling about social activities and change in their behavior. Mostly they feel reluctant in going out and end up in activities they enjoy such as swimming, jogging, and many others. People avoid sitting in social gatherings, handshaking, and dating due to fear of embarrassment. Individuals facing the problem of excessive sweating do not have more amount of sweat glands rather they give abnormal signals to glands.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

It is a medical condition in which a person has excessive sweating which may or may not have an underlying cause. Our sweat glands are involved in perspiration and provide a cooling effect to the body. This perspiration happens due to a rise in air temperature. Moreover, your sweat glands produce more sweat under certain conditions such as stress, when you are anxious or worried, and doing exercise. Under normal routine when you do not face these conditions the nerves that signal to sweat are put on hold. 

Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which nerves receive abnormal sweat signals and are not shut down. People suffering from excessive sweating claim that they sweat even when they are in air conditioning. They sweat even when the circumstances do not call for it such as swimming in a pool, watching television, or eating something. Doctors consider it a harmless condition but sometimes it can be related to some health issue.

What Are Its Types?

Excessive sweating may or may not have an underlying cause. Depending upon the condition and type of sweating it is categorized into two types

  • Primary Hyperhidrosis:

It is the condition that causes sweating from eccrine glands. This is also named focal sweating. People have excess sweat on their faces, underarms, palms, and feet without any apparent reason.

  • Secondary Hyperhidrosis:

It is recognized as general sweating that causes the sweat gland to activate from all over the body. It produces heat in larger areas and it can also be related to some medical issues.


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Causes of Excessive Sweating:

Sweating is a normal body function that it performs in order to provide a cooling effect to the body. Signals are carried to nerves that instruct the sweat glands to start functioning. Sometimes abnormal signals are sent to the pons which is a part of the hindbrain for sweating. It leads to excessive sweating than normal and on conditions that do not call to sweat

Primary hyperhidrosis commonly results from

  • Certain fragrances and odors contain serotonin in them such as coffee, chocolate, caramel peanuts, citric acid, etc.
  • High level of stress and anxiety
  • Heat 
  • Trauma to the spinal cord

Secondary hyperhidrosis commonly results from

  • Autonomic dysfunction
  • Heat, humidity, and exercise.
  • Lung infections such as tuberculosis.
  • Menopause
  • Tumors or cancers of certain body parts.
  • Metabolic disorders such as hypoglycemia, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, gout infection, and pituitary disease.
  • Using excessive medications and some prescription drugs such as antidepressants and insulin.

What Body Parts are Affected by Hyperhidrosis?

In general hyperhidrosis, the whole body undergoes sweating. But in focal sweating certain parts of the body are more prone to sweating such as

  • Face
  • Armpit
  • Palms of hands
  • Soles of feet
  • Lower back
  • Genitals
  • Forehead and neck

What Complications it Can Cause?

Over time excessive sweating leads to skin problems and infections. It also impacts your mental health badly. You find ways how to hide the sweating from others. People feel reluctant in doing normal routine activities such as shaking hands or hugging someone. You may end up in all the joyful activities due to fear of embarrassment. With time you may also get prone to many health issues and medical diseases.

How Is it Treated?

Your healthcare provider will refer you to a dermatologist for its solution. He will examine all the symptoms and where and how often you sweat. The doctor will give you the proper medications and suggest some changes in your lifestyle.

  • Oral Medications:

Anticholinergic drugs can make aluminum-based antiperspirants work properly. It suppresses the signal transmission of anxiety and stress. However, it may include potential side effects such as blurred vision. Beta-blockers are also used for lessening sweating and calming anxiety.

  • Changing Lifestyle:

Lifestyle has a major effect on your overall health. Certain aspects such as showering more often or wearing easy clothes may help you minimize the symptoms of excessive sweating. Your healthcare provider will discuss all the treatment options and evaluate which is most suitable for you.

  • Aluminum-Based Antiperspirants:

These drugs shut down the sweat glands and prevent abnormal body sweating. Your healthcare provider may prescribe some other medications. These antiperspirants may include major side effects such as skin irritation or eyesight problems.

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