What Causes Capillaries to Appear on the Face in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Sometimes blood capillaries get visible on the face more than usual, affecting the person’s appearance. These look like broken ribbons and appear on the chin, nose, cheeks, and mouth. People use concealers and bases to cover these broken capillaries but these all are temporary treatments. To get a permanent fix you opt for different procedures. If you want to know What Causes Capillaries to Appear on the Face in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Then know that there are many reasons that cause these to occur. These affect the look of a person but they are not dangerous at all. These are also called spider veins. Get to know more about them through the blog!

What Causes Capillaries to Appear on the Face?

There is no specific age at which the blood capillaries get more visible. The problem can occur at any age. Children can also develop the disease. The reasons behind the problem are as follows:

  • Heredity Issues:

Spider veins can be because of some genetic changes. Sometimes, it is from birth because of hereditary makeup. With age, the risk of the problem increases. Individuals with a history of the disease in their families have a greater chance of developing the issue. 

  • Pregnancy:

During pregnancy, the changes that take place cause these capillaries to become visible. That is why when a baby is born, veins are more prominent. These veins get fade away after birth. The skin becomes clear after some time. 

  • Sun Exposure:

The sunlight when absorbed by the skin makes the blood vessels expand. They become more apparent on the skin. When the skin of someone gets burned due to the sun, the upper layer gets removed. The blood vessels of the face become temporarily more visible. 

  • Environmental Fluctuations:

The appearance of these capillaries also fluctuates with climate. When the weather is hotter the blood vessels are more dilated. When pollutants are present in the air then the blood vessels are more visible. 

  • Injuries:

When the injury occurs on the face it will break the blood vessels. This issue can be solved after some time as the injury healed. 

  • Alcohol Intake:

When alcohol is consumed by a person it causes the capillaries to get dilated. Although the dilation is temporary but it occurs. If an individual is taking alcohol for a long time or continuously takes the alcohol in the future then these red blood vessels will remain there. 

  • Vomiting:

Sneezing or doing vomit puts pressure on the skin, and the blood vessels due to these sudden sneezing get broken and the blood vessels get visible.

  • Rosacea:

A skin disease that causes redness and flushing. The blood vessels get broken down. 

How does Diagnosis of these Blood Capillaries Take Place?

Diagnosing the capillaries on the face is not difficult. The blood vessels give reddy look and the structure looks like untied ribbons. The color of these capillaries is sometimes red or purple. If you observe something like that then you need to visit the doctor. After the diagnosis of the problem, the doctor may prescribe medication or some other solutions. 

The doctor tries to find out the root cause of the problem and then the treatment gets started.

How to Treat these?

There are different treatments as well as remedies available for treating the issue. These are

  • Retinoids
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Laser treatment
  • Light therapy

All these treatments are available at our clinic. You can get your desired one by visiting the clinic. 

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