What Are The Uses And Side Effects Of Gastric Balloons In Dubai

It’s true that gaining weight is way easier than losing it. Once you get to enter the circle of obesity, getting out of it sometimes becomes a tough task to achieve. The more fat you gain the more hard it becomes to get rid of it. In some cases, people become frustrated with this issue, as they think that they have already put in all of their efforts to get their desired result, but have failed even after doing proper diet and exercises. Then they move towards the procedure of gastric balloon as the final solution for this problem. But as this procedure is not very much famous so people become concerned about What are the Uses and Side Effects of Gastric Balloons in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? But this is not an issue anymore, as to get over the problem of chubbiness can be dealt with well with Gastric Balloons in Dubai.

A Non-Surgical Weight Loss Solution:

Science and technology have evolved immensely over the passage of time and are continuing to proceed in this way. Not only in the technological aspect this evolution is being of great help in different fields of life, to make things easier for human beings. And in this regard, we have been introduced to the Gastric Balloon procedure which is comparatively a new procedure of getting rid of a huge amount of extra flesh.

How the Gastric Balloon Procedure Can Help You?

  • The main goal of this methodology is to help those individuals who have lost the courage to put in any more effort.
  • This therapy helps humans in this regard in completely non-surgical ways. 
  • Because of its insertion in the body, people reduce their food intake but still get the feeling of having a full stomach and no more feel hungry. 
  • The presence of it inside the stomach covers a satisfactory portion, and in this way, it makes it way easier for the sufferer to change their eating habit which eventually leads to weight loss.


What Are The Uses And Side Effects Of Gastric Balloons in Dubai Best What Are The Uses And Side Effects Of Gastric Balloons in Dubai Best What Are The Uses And Side Effects Of Gastric Balloons Clinic in Dubai

Understanding The Working Of It:

The first and most important step of this therapy is to consult an expert in this particular field.

  • The doctor examines your condition and finds out if you are eligible for this course of action or not.
  • Only if you are suitable, then the physician will guide you about certain changes that you’ll be needing to make in your current activities. Like diet patterns, changing certain medications if you’re taking them, and the exact fasting time period before undergoing this therapy.
  • You will need to be admitted to ensure a proper checkup before the plan.
  • It is done under mild anesthesia.
  • Through the mouth’s way, the gastric balloon will be sent and adjusted in the stomach, with the help of an endoscope.  
  • After when the doctor will make sure that the balloon has been properly set inside the stomach then they will inflate it by using a saline solution.
  • You will be guided about a diet plan and how you should move from a liquid diet to a solid one.
  • It works by making you have the feeling of fullness without eating much.
  • After achieving your desired outcome the balloon with be removed from the stomach by the expert. In most cases, the time of removal is between 6 months to a year.
  • To extract the balloon, a similar procedure is followed. 
  • The balloon will be deflated and will be removed through the mouth, under light anesthesia.

Tips For A Successful Recovery:

  • You should monitor yourself closely, and in case of any problem do contact your doctor in the first place.
  • Make changes in your diet plan, and daily life activities as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Make sure to attend all the follow-up sessions with the expert.

What You Should Not Get Worried About?

Some side effects of the gastric balloon procedure are mentioned underneath: 

  • You might get the feeling of nausea and might also experience vomiting at some time.
  • As a new installation in the abdomen, you might feel pain and discomfort over there.
  • Different problematic feelings might be experienced by you such as acid reflux or heartburn.
  • While eating you may also feel difficulty in swallowing the food.
  • Feeling bloated can also become more often after this therapy. 
  • Make sure to drink more and more liquids to stay hydrated, as this procedure can lead to dehydration in the candidate.
  • This can cause different stomach infections. 
  • As it is an insertion of a separate tool so you might experience its deflation or migration.

Is It Cost Friendly?

The total cost of this treatment totally depends upon your condition and your expectations. But the general cost of this procedure ranges from AED 13,500 to AED 19,999, in Dubai.

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