What Are the Side Effects of Hollywood Smile in Dubai Cost & Price

Any lady is seductive with a snow-white grin. And doing this will offer you a unique charm and make you appear seductive to the men around you. We decided to speak with the head dentist of the Enfield Royal Clinic to find out the secret behind the “Hollywood smile” of celebrities, businesspeople, artists, and politicians. What happens if the teeth develop chips, fractures, or color changes? What are the Side Effects of Hollywood Smile in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? For the specialists at our clinic, who have a strong knowledge of the artistic restoration procedure, there are no issues. The tooth is gradually covered with a long-lasting light-curing substance by the dentist. 

Every imperfection, blemish, fracture, and even interdental area has been filled up. Both the breadth and length of the tooth can be increased. By the way, whitening your skin by several tones and extending your teeth by one millimeter may make you look 5-7 years younger. 

How Long Will the Results Last?

With routine maintenance – for many years. Furthermore, a restored smile won’t cause its owner any problems other than the necessity to visit the dentist once a year for an inspection and once every ten years to refresh the “facade” — to fix anything, retouch… Yes, it is a little fee to pay for beautiful teeth that are free from defects.

What Issues can you Face?

The answer to the question What are the Side Effects of Hollywood Smile in Dubai & Abu Dhabi? Is that there are none! However, there are some issues you might face:

Difficulties Matching Colors:

There is a chance that the teeth won’t always properly and totally match the neighboring teeth. The veneers may not match the color of your teeth. Alternatively, the teeth next to the veneers could be stained. In some instances, the foils’ edges are soiled or discolored.

The excessive moisture that occurs during the sealing of the veneers is the root of this issue. This issue is typically brought on by untrained hands. These color anomalies are quite uncommon, though, and a skilled doctor can easily prevent them.

Responsiveness to Heat and Cold:

The removal of enamel during this sort of cosmetic dentistry may result in tooth sensitivity. The toughest substance in the human body, enamel shields teeth from outside influences and potential sensitivity.

This indicates that eating or drinking excessively hot or cold foods and beverages may cause dental sensitivity. One of the most frequent negative consequences of cosmetic dental veneers is this. But fixing it is equally simple.

You won’t have any tooth discomfort if you just avoid eating or drinking anything that is excessively hot or cold. Toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth may also be an effective aid. To learn which choice is best for you, speak with your doctor.

Gum Tissue Inflammation:

As you adjust to your new teeth and bite, it’s possible that your gums will get slightly inflamed. In fact, getting accustomed to it could take some time and hurt or irritate your gums. You should be examined if the pain continues because it is not a typical post-operative side effect.

After that, the dentist will provide medication to ease the ache. You should see your dentist for a checkup if the issue continues even after a week of therapy.

Get in touch with the experts of our clinic to avoid getting any of these complications.