What Are the Screening Tests For Breast Cancer in Dubai Price & Cost

Breast cancer is a serious issue that millions of people face worldwide. Early detection greatly boosts the likelihood of effective treatment and better results. Regular screenings are essential for detecting the disease early on. This will allow for quick treatment and possibly save lives. The various screening tests that are available, their importance in promoting early diagnosis, and how they can help people take control of their breast health will all be covered in this blog. Read on to learn What are the Screening Tests for Breast Cancer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Screening Tests:

If yiu are wondering that What are the screening tests for breast cancer? Then you are at right place. These are as follows:

Breast Imaging:

The most common procedure for breast cancer screening in Dubai is mammography. It entails employing low-dose radiation to take X-ray images. Tumors or abnormalities that might not be palpable during a physical examination can be found using mammograms. The recommendation for routine mammograms for women over 40 can vary depending on personal risk factors and medical recommendations.

Clinical Breast Examination (CBE):

An expert in healthcare will physically examine your body during a clinical exam. The physician examines the patient during a CBE to look for lumps, changes in size or form, or other anomalies. This examination enables the assessment of health and the early identification of potential problems. Mammograms are frequently combined with CBEs.

Breast Self-Examination (BSE):

Women must use self-exams as a vital tool to keep track of their own health. People who often self-examine themselves develop accustomed to the natural feel and appearance.. Any alterations, such as new lumps, skin changes, or anomalies in the nipple, can be reported right away to a healthcare professional for further assessment.


Strong magnets and radio waves are used in MRI scans to provide finely detailed images of the tissue in Breast Cancer Screening in Dubai. For people with a higher risk of developing this disease, such as those with a family history or specific gene mutations, MRI is often advised. It can provide information beyond what mammography does, helping to find tiny malignancies or assessing thick tissue.

Genetic Analysis:

Genetic testing enables the identification of particular gene mutations (such as BRCA1 and BRCA2) that raise the risk. For people with a strong family history of breast or ovarian cancer, this test is typically advised. Knowing one’s genetic susceptibility can help individuals develop individualized and preventative plans.

Advantages of Early Detection:

Regular screenings are crucial for early detection. This enables prompt treatment and intervention. The procedure is based on mammography, clinical exams, and self-exams. Depending on each patient’s unique risk factors, additional procedures including MRIs and genetic testing may be advised. People must be aware of their health, comprehend the recommended recommendations, and take an active role in their own health. We can work towards early detection, efficient treatment, and a brighter future in the battle against this vicious disease by prioritizing routine check up and keeping lines of communication open with healthcare professionals.

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In conclusion, mammograms are a crucial component of women’s health care. It can aid in the early detection of cancer when it is most amenable to treatment. Mammography, self-examination, clinical examination, ultrasound, and MRI are some of the cancer-detecting procedures offered in Dubai.

In light of their age, family history, and other risk factors, women should discuss whether detection tests are appropriate for them with their healthcare professional. Consult an expert for the detection procedure and rest assured. Contact Enfield Royal Gynecology Clinic Dubai. You can call us directly or fill out the form given below. Our team of experts will contact you shortly.