What are the New Mammogram Guidelines for 2023 in Dubai Cost

The healthcare industry is always changing. The new procedures and guidelines are coming out every day. So it’s important to stay current on the most recent recommendations. This is especially relevant when it comes to breast health. Mammograms are essential for the early identification and prevention of breast cancer. This is the sole reason why recommendations for the best screening procedures are updated regularly. New guidelines that have surfaced in 2023 are changing the way that mammography is approached. To comprehend the modifications and their ramifications, let’s examine the updated mammography guidelines. Read on to learn more about What are the New Mammogram Guidelines for 2023 in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Knowing Why Mammograms Are Important: 

These are crucial diagnostic tools for breast abnormalities, identifying cancerous lumps before they become palpable. They help detect breast cancer early, improve treatment, and improve survival rates. Regularly monitor breast tissue changes, providing valuable information for healthcare professionals. They detect breast cancer, and non-cancerous conditions like cysts or fibroadenomas, reducing anxiety and providing peace of mind. Recommended for women over age or with family history.

Key Updates in the 2023 Mammogram Guidelines:

Age Consideration: 

The updated recommendations for screening for breast cancer place a strong emphasis on individualized risk assessments that account for genetic predisposition, family history, and past abnormalities. This makes it possible to approach early detection and prevention in a more focused manner.

Screening Frequency: 

To maximize early detection and reduce overdiagnosis and false positives, the updated guidelines stress the significance of mammography frequency and suggest a customized strategy that takes into account family history, risk factors, and prior results.

Technology Advancements: 

Developments in 3D mammography may influence the optimal imaging techniques for breast cancer detection by taking accuracy, sensitivity, and possible advantages into account. This could result in guidelines evaluating the efficacy of 3D in comparison to 2D.

Risk Assessment Tools: 

The guidelines could emphasize the inclusion of risk assessment tools, which would help medical professionals assess a patient’s breast cancer risk profile more thoroughly. With this method, screening strategies can be customized according to a person’s unique risk factors.

Impact on Healthcare Practices and Patient Awareness: 

It is anticipated that the revised guidelines will have a substantial impact on healthcare practices, requiring adjustments to patient education initiatives and screening protocols. These campaigns ought to address concerns, give an explanation for the modifications, and offer assistance to patients who might be unsure or perplexed. Healthcare providers should invest in additional training and resources, such as workshops or seminars, to effectively implement revised guidelines and ensure accurate patient information and support.

The procedure of a Mammogram:

We use the following procedure for Mammogram in Dubai:


It’s convenient to wear a two-piece outfit on the day of the procedure. To ensure clearer images, avoid applying any lotions, powders, or deodorants on your chest area.

Machine and Positioning: 

You will be standing in front of an X-ray machine meant for the process during the process. To spread the tissue evenly, your breast will be placed on a flat surface and gently compressed for a few seconds using a paddle.

Image Capture: 

The device will take X-ray pictures of each breast from various perspectives. Although the compression may be slightly uncomfortable, it is essential for improved accuracy and imaging.

Duration and Follow-Up: 

Usually, the entire procedure takes twenty to thirty minutes. After the pictures are taken, they are examined by a radiologist, and you might hear back with the findings a few days later.

Cost of Mammogram in Dubai:

The cost of a Mammogram in Dubai can cost different amounts depending on several factors. They may include the facility, the kind of procedure (2D or 3D), and whether the procedure is provided as part of a package or separately. The price may range, on average, from AED 500 to AED 2000 or more.

As part of screening programs, government hospitals or health centers may provide them at a reduced cost, or occasionally for free. Although they might be comparatively more expensive, private clinics and hospitals might offer more comprehensive services.

Advantages of Mammogram:

Early Detection: 

Mammography is a crucial diagnostic tool for breast abnormalities, enhancing treatment outcomes and recovery chances. Early detection allows healthcare professionals to initiate timely interventions, thereby improving patients’ prognosis and quality of life.

Screening at Risk: 

Regular checkups are crucial for early detection of breast cancer issues, especially in women with a family history or genetic predispositions, and can also detect abnormalities in those without known risk factors, potentially saving lives.


They are safe, non-invasive breast cancer screening methods, despite discomfort during compression and minimal radiation exposure, offering early detection and effective treatment.

Improved Outcomes: 

Early detection of breast cancer through mammography leads to less aggressive treatment and improved prognosis, with a higher chance of successful cure and identifying non-cancerous conditions, reducing patient worry.

Peace of Mind: 

Regular procedures offer women peace of mind by detecting abnormalities in breast tissue, allowing them to make informed decisions about treatment options and alleviating anxiety and stress associated with breast cancer.

The evolving mammography guidelines underscore the importance of being knowledgeable and proactive about breast health for early detection and improved outcomes in the fight against breast cancer.

As advised by medical professionals, routine procedures are a vital component of a woman’s overall health regimen and play a major role in the early detection and effective treatment of breast cancer. It’s critical to speak with medical professionals to establish the need and frequency of mammograms based on personal health circumstances and recommendations. 

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