What Are The Benefits Of Septoplasty Turbinate Reduction Dubai Cost

Nasal issues such as obstruction or a deviated septum can hinder breathing as well as cause other issues such as snoring, inconsistent breathing, and sleep apnea. These can have a negative effect on the quality of life as well as pose certain health risks. Nasal obstruction can be both genetic i.e. present at birth or may be caused later due to any traumatic injury, allergy or disease. Turbinates are bony structures inside the nasal cavity which are responsible for cleaning and humidifying the passing air. Swelling in turbinates can cause nasal obstruction and is generally responsible for the issues mentioned earlier, in such cases, treatment is required. Continue reading below if you want to know more about the procedure and What Are The Benefits Of Septoplasty Turbinate Reduction in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?

Aim of the Procedure:

Septoplasty is for a deviated septum (the bone which divides the nostrils) while turbinate reduction involves surgically reducing one or more of the three swollen or enlarged pairs of turbinates present inside the nostril. Treatment results in easier breathing and better overall quality of life.


In most cases, this is a one day procedure, meaning you can go home on the same day as the procedure. Results are clearer after the first couple of weeks, however, one usually feels better after a couple of days as the swelling reduces post procedure. 

What Are The Benefits Of Septoplasty Turbinate Reduction in Dubai Best What Are The Benefits Of Septoplasty Turbinate Reduction Clinic in Dubai Best What Are The Benefits Of Septoplasty Turbinate Reduction in Dubai

Ideal Candidate:

Ideally, this treatment is recommended for,

  • A deviated septum
  • Constant nasal congestion
  • Swollen turbinates, causing difficulty breathing
  • Patients of sleep apnea
  • Accidental injury resulting in broken/damaged septum, later causing blockage or congestion


Even though this is a single day procedure, a brief consultation prior to the actual procedure is recommended. Keep in mind that a specialist in the field with experience in handling similar cases is necessary to avoid risks. This is a surgical procedure and is dependent mainly on the person carrying out the treatment. Sometimes a CT scan is carried out before the procedure to get a better picture of your condition. During this consultation, always Inform your doctor if;

  • You smoke
  • Have any allergies
  • Are taking any medication for another condition
  • Have any history of heart related issues.


The treatment requires anaesthesia. Septoplasty is sometimes combined with a turbinate reduction to solve breathing problems. the doctor then surgically removes tissues and parts of the affected turbinate to reduce its size physically after making corrections to the inner nasal wall septum) to allow better airflow through the nose. Keep in mind that not all cases require septoplasty in combination with turbinate reduction and only one of the procedures may be carried out if required.  Another, less common method is cauterization which also involves locally administered anaesthesia but rather than physically removing the tissue, a device is used to heat the turbinates causing it to shrink.


This procedure is carried out on an outpatient basis meaning same day discharged patients can go about their everyday routine. One may have nasal dripping post procedure and stuffiness may persist for 5-7 days post procedure which is normal. Some people may have increased snoring or a little post procedure bleeding but it is normal. Things to keep in mind afterwards are;

  • Use saline or similar drops to improve healing
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid using water to clean the nasal cavity


A septoplasty turbinate reduction has the following benefits:

  1. Easier breathing
  2. Less snoring
  3. Reduced nasal allergies
  4. No scarring outside the nose
  5. Short and effective treatment with lasting results
  6. Improved sleep patterns and better quality of life

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