What are the Benefits of Ear Piercing in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Ear piercing has been a tradition since ancient times. For a long time everywhere around the world, it was customary to pierce the ears exclusively of women. But, according to some customs, sometimes the ears were pierced in men. Piercing at all times was carried out only in special areas of the ear. So, What are the Benefits of Ear Piercing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What Kind of Piercing is the Best?

The lobe is the safest place to puncture to insert an earring. The lobe does not have cartilage and heals quickly after the procedure. If any active point was affected during piercing, this would not affect the deterioration of health, as neurologists believe. Just a touched point will no longer affect the organ with which it was associated.

Most often, beauty salons competently make a puncture, so everything goes quite safely. However, there are deviations due to the poor-quality work of the master, who failed to correctly choose the puncture site. Imagine that there are a vast number of microscopic areas on your earlobe, and you need to get clear between them with a needle or a gun. This job is for a real professional, so in no case should you pierce your ears yourself at home.

Ear Piercing Procedure.

You can pierce your ears in any beauty salon. The procedure is quite fast and safe. Then sterile carnations treated with a special solution are inserted. Also, piercing specialists can make a puncture.

Ear piercing is carried out with a gun, which is a safe tool. The downside of the “gun” is its reusable use. Even though it is disinfected, 100% sterilization cannot be achieved. This is due to its design features. Also, the “gun” disadvantage is its sudden sound, which can frighten the child. But there are pistols and disposable ones.

What are the Benefits of Ear Piercing?

Have you considered that there may be health benefits of ear piercings? The lobule is the first and most straightforward, and it may lead to a world of opportunities. One of those possibilities is using ear piercings to treat various bodily aches and problems. Did you know that piercings are also used in auriculotherapy? Many people get piercings as a way to express themselves.

Here are five ear piercings that not only look fantastic but also have a lot of advantages. Learn What are the Benefits of Ear Piercing in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Helix: Sleepiness:

There are two advantageous sites for helix ear piercing. The upper corner of your ear, known as the helix, is pierced often by individuals. Nobody is aware of the fact that it can aid with allergies and sleeplessness issues. That region of the brain is connected to the part of the brain that causes stress and sleeplessness. Anyone experiencing difficulties falling asleep because of depression, tension, or other difficulties might find comfort by just twisting the ring in their ear. Even rumors that the helix ear piercing might help relieve allergy problems have surfaced.

Conch: Reduces Stress and Chronic Pain:

Any persistent pain, including that in the lower back and spinal column, is helped by the piercing on the inside corner of your ear. Although it is one of the most difficult ear piercings to receive, many individuals do it these days because of its advantages. Even some people claim it relieves dyspepsia. When pierced properly, that ear corner is connected to the sacral spine, lumbar vertebrae, and thoracic vertebrae, among other parts of the body.

Rook: Period Cramps and Digestion:

This ear piercing, which is more popular among women, is said to relieve cramping and pain associated with the menstrual cycle. The rook is situated directly above the conch piercing. It is the piece of cartilage that protrudes from the skull and joins the ear to it. When pierced, the lower region connects to various parts of the body, including the sciatic nerve, kidney, bladder, and intestines. The uterus, the cavum pelvis, and even processes related to constipation are discussed on the aforementioned website.

Tragus: Control of Appetite:

The benefits that will come from this ear piercing may be worth the wait, but recovery might be difficult and take some time. Along with the misconceptions that the piercing improves some emotional characteristics like vigor and anger, it might also aid with hunger regulation. The tragus is the little flap that is attached to your skull and hides the ear entrance. That region is connected to the pharynx, adrenal glands, and neurological processes like hunger, thirst, and neuroreceptors that react to and demand nicotine. This ear piercing is for you if you want to curb your eating or smoking habits.

The Takeaway!

Since you understand What are the Benefits of Ear Piercing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Always get the help of a professional to avoid any complications and in case of any issues get the help of experts at Enfield Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.