What Are The 10 Signs Of Pregnancy Test in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Pregnancy is a complicated cycle of multiple events that reflects the growth and development of a fetus from an implanted embryo to the complete baby. Since the start, it was not that easy to detect and investigate the right signs of having a positive pregnancy thing goes balanced when some parameters along with some facts and figures are not identified. Advanced research has made it possible by providing special significant guidelines regarding a certain condition and the associated signs and symptoms for obstetrics & gynecologists. Checking out the demarkation of whether one has to be eligible to qualify some parameters to confirm the pregnancy or not this can be learned best by exploring the innovative method of What Are The 10 Signs Of Pregnancy Test in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Pregnancy test?

There are several ways to detect pregnancy: 

  • Missing of period first.
  • When the missing schedule goes above the period another way to detect pregnancy is via a pregnancy strip.
  • To further confirm the presence of positive pregnancy collection of urine samples or blood samples for authentication.
  • The next step involves the checking of pregnancy through ultrasound which gives a good picture of confirmation.

Initial Symptoms Of Pregnancy:

There are too many ways to detect the pregnancy.

  • Missing the periods is one of the strongest symptoms ever to get the confirmation of pregnancy though it is not the same all the time because missing the period can also be due to any other running compromised medical issues as well.
  • Slight or very little spotting occurs right after having the pregnancy which is not that visible to consider any misfitting but a sign to get assured about the pregnancy status.
  • Feeling of tiredness is considered to be another symptom along with missing periods.
  • Nausea, dizziness feeling of indigestion dyspepsia is also associated with pregnancy.
  • Body ache, mood swing laziness feeling sleepy is also considered a sign of pregnancy.
  • White discharge after missing the period is considered to be a clear sign of pregnancy showing endometrial growth and thickness which means the uterus is getting ready to implant an embryo
  • Frequent urination is also a key symptom of pregnancy because of the hormonal disturbance and schedule to intake liquids,
  • The size of the chest is also varied in some cases to elaborate on the symptomatic difference of pregnancy one can check the size of the increasing breast with each passing day.
  • Due to the phenomena of craving for some special food metabolic activities get disturbed and due to the less water absorption in the intestine a person may suffer from the condition of constipation in the early days of pregnancy.
  • In some cases, women are suspected to have chills and fevers as well.

Pregnancy Confirmation:

Pregnancy is not a simple phenomenon to be assumed positive in the case of any symptoms discussed above time these symptoms especially missing periods  are not good enough to declare pregnancy positive it is needed further for the sake of checking the true existence of pregnancy presence there are a number of ways to investigate. 

  • First, check your pregnancy at home with the help of a strip
  • Secondly, visit your health caretaker to further ensure the pregnancy takes follow-up guidelines from the doctor.


It is very much necessary to follow instructions and guidelines once the pregnancy is confirmed just to avoid any prenatal misadventure because follow-up requires prenatal care. It is mandatory to take folic acid iron supplements and calcium supplements to ensure the complete and proper growth and development of the fetus.

Also, take healthy food items and make sure the doctor visits every month to avoid any noncompliance.

What Should Be Avoided?

To stay protected and safe while going through the cycle during pregnancy following things should be avoided.

  • Avoid using alcoholic drugs and too many medicines
  • Avoid taking sleeping pills and sedatives
  • Do not lift heavy objects
  • Do not take uncooked or improper meals to finish the craving
  • Avoid taking soda water ice cream or cold beverages
  • Avoid poultry products that might be contaminated

Grab A Consultation:

To check out your pregnancy status or if you want to have a smooth and safe pregnancy go and visit our most skilled experienced and qualified bench of gynaecologists by just knowing What Are The 10 Signs Of Pregnancy Test in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah by booking up your slot and scheduling a brief consultation at Enfield Royal Gynecology Clinic Dubai.