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For a long time, female individuals did not bother to be treated by the doctor and continuously suffered in silence. With the influence of contemporary technology and knowledge, women are now well aware of the fact to get proper treatments and checkups. Even if they are related to What are Gynecological Problems in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. There are a lot of problems that are treated by a specialist Gynecologist, though they used to be categorized as the ones who are mostly involved in treating the issues regarding pregnancy and the reproductive system.

What Is Gynecology?

Gynecology addresses the health issues that are linked to the reproduction system of women. The moment a woman commences encountering the changes within the body she needs to consult a gynecologist at least once a year to have a check of the unexpected and expected changes going on. Aside from that the field of gynecology is also linked with the menstrual cycle of women from the moment they start till menopause, all of the related issues are treated by them. Furthermore, a gynecologist also treats all the issues related to the vagina, pelvis, STIs, genital, pap, and infertility.

What Are The Gynecological Problems Encountered By The Women?

Though almost all kinds of problems are being faced by women regarding their health issues, still few of them are briefly explained below.

  • Abnormal Flow:

Sometimes the patients end up bearing the consequences of abnormal flow during their menstrual cycle. Irregularity and excessive bleeding also specifically categorized as a health hazard of menorrhagia during periods are taken as one of the main issues encountered by girls during their periods and it is capable to be treated easily by the gynecologist. 

  • Vaginal Discharge:

In case the patient has an unusual discharge of liquid from the vaginal part of the body then it needs to be timely treated as well, as a precautionary measure before the individual faces any severe issue or infection.

  • Uterine Fibroids:

Despite the factor of customized and individualistic symptoms of diseases sometimes the existence of fibroids within the uterus. It ends up causing a lot of health issues for the individuals as well like pain in the related area of the body, manipulating the menstrual cycle, infertility, and urinary changes, etc. the patient has to frequently go through the treatment to avoid the negative consequences of this health issue.

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease:

This is a specific kind of disease that is encountered by women during certain circumstances like the patient might already have this disease or ended up getting it due to unusual health stances and conditions. The patient should visit a gynecologist the moment they observe the headache, fatigue, fever, pain, and excessive vaginal bleeding.    

  • Endometriosis:

The unexpected growth of the endometrium outside and within the uterus is also treated by the gynecologist. The symptoms which are faced by the patients while having the health issue include heavy periods, infertility and pelvic pain, etc. 

  • Menopause:

Depending upon the health conditions of women they suffer from several health issues while going through the period of menopause. This is faced by women when they do not get any sign of periods for almost a year without any other specific health issue while they are almost at the age of fifty years. Menopause manipulates the physical and psychological conditions of the patient at the same time, so the patient needs to timely sign up for treatment. 

  • Other Issues:

Setting aside a few of these health issues the patient ends up facing there are a lot of other related health problems that are faced by women like vaginitis, polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS), amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, bartholin’s cyst, etc. 

What Are The Expected Benefits Of Getting A Consultation From A Gynecologist?

The patients are likely to observe a lot of benefits by getting treated by the Best Obstetrician And Gynecologists In Dubai, a few of them are mentioned below.

  • While undergoing the course of action for the checkup of the reproductive system the breasts are also included and taken into account within the process.
  • The patient will be able to diagnose and treat the existence of the disease or infection.
  • As mentioned earlier too, the customized expected and unexpected eruption of severe health conditions like cancer, etc can be timely diagnosed and treated.
  • While undergoing regular check-ups the patient will be able to manage and treat the related health concerns during menopause.
  • On the contrary to, the patients are capable of treating the health problems linked to the menstruation cycle.

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