Weight Loss Program Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah with Enfield Royal

A comprehensive plan for weight normalization of overweight and obese patients enables them to achieve a noticeable weight change and maintain it for a long time. The Weight Loss Program Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah with Enfield Royal is based on a balanced diet, eliminating unhealthy eating habits, and avoiding overeating. It is not based on self-restraint which sooner or later leads to breakdowns. Restrictive diets are scientifically proven to lead to more weight gain, not weight loss. The long-term effect can only be achieved by a change in eating habits.

What Does a Comprehensive Weight Loss Program Include?

A great program would include the following:

  • Consultations with both doctors and dietitians
  • And then, change in the psychological attitude of the patient to lose weight
  • Healthy and proper nutrition with appropriate lifestyle changes
  • Increase in self-esteem and get rid of stress


Best Clinic of Weight Loss Program Dubai with Enfield Royal   Best Clinic of Weight Loss Program in Dubai with Enfield Royal   Best Weight Loss Program Dubai with Enfield Royal

Best Weight Loss Program in Dubai with Enfield Royal   Weight Loss Program Dubai with Enfield Royal   Weight Loss Program in Dubai with Enfield Royal

Weight Loss Programs at Enfield Royal:

The Weight Loss Program Dubai with Enfield Royal offers several packages and each one consists of three stages, these include:

Package 1:

The program consists of the following three stages:                                                     

  1. The first stage will include two Doctor Visits where the patient gets a proper examination and explanation of the procedures.   
  2. An essential part of the program is four Dietitians consultations where the patient receives a completely customized diet plan for each stage of the procedure.
  3. After the client has reached closer to their ideal body weight, they will receive a Body Firming & Slimming Session to get a more toned and enhanced body shape.

Cost: The complete program is offered at AED 18,000.                

Package 2 for Weight Loss:

The package includes the following three stages:                                                     

  1. The program starts with a Doctor’s Visit where the treatment plan is discussed in detail and the patient goes through the initial examination.
  2. Moreover, this package will include three Dietitian Consultations which will provide the patient with an individual diet plan.
  3. The stage of this treatment will include the Skin Rejuvenation Facial Session which will significantly improve the tone and texture of the skin.  

Cost: The treatments are offered at AED 16,000.

Package 3:

It is a shorter treatment plan with only two stages, including:

  1. The program will begin with a Doctor’s Visit which will include the examination and discussion of the treatment plan.  
  2. And, the second and last stage will be Dietitian Consultations.  

Cost: This package includes a two-stage treatment and will cost only AED 14,800.

Quick Tip! The program is not a simple collection of recommendations, but a specially arranged package that can effectively determine not only a person’s eating behavior but also his or her psychophysiological state.

Advantages of Weight Loss:

Treatment of excess weight requires an integrated approach and should be carried out under the supervision of specialists. The benefits of getting the treatment at our clinic include:

  • The treatment will not take longer than 3 to 6 months
  • All clients get free initial consultation for primary examination to assess metabolic disorders, including within the framework of comprehensive programs
  • Next, The package will include the development of a comfortable and appropriate diet, considering the eating habits and physical activity of a particular person
  • You get the whole treatment from an experienced professional
  • Highly qualified specialists: endocrinologist, nutritionist, psychologist, bariatric surgeon, gynecologist
  • In addition, the examination is comprehensive and complex

Why Choose Us?

Lastly, During the Weight Loss Program Dubai with Enfield Royal, our patients are under constant supervision. Monitoring the results allows doctors to adjust the weight loss program in time to achieve a sustainable effect. In the future, the patient’s efforts should be directed toward the prevention of being overweight. To do this, it is enough to observe the diet and not neglect physical activity.