Weight Loss Injection Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Royal

Can’t afford weight loss surgery? Royal clinic is there to help you with weight loss injections- that are affordable and gives amazing results. They are claimed to be the best weight loss drug that gives hope to those who, for whatever reason, cannot undergo weight loss surgery. So, if you have any plans for choosing these injections, find out about the cost through this blog post. It contains everything important related to Weight Loss Injections Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Continue ahead.

A Little About the Procedure:

Weight loss injection is the cheapest procedure compared to other surgeries. This is designed to break down fat and allow fat to be removed through the natural metabolic system. It somehow reduces appetite and saturates a person earlier. As a result, the amount of food is limited, the caloric content of the diet decreases, and hence the appetite, which leads to weight loss. By two months, patients lose 30 to 40% of their excess body weight.

Since it is an injection procedure. In no case should you recklessly trust an untrained doctor. Choose an experienced one. Doctors with more experience charge higher fees, but the costs are certainly worth it as untrained doctors can lead to complications and repeat surgeries.

Average Cost of Weight Loss Injections:

The average weight loss injection cost in Dubai is AED 5,000. However, the lowest cost is AED 4,000 and the highest is AED 6,000 depending on the number of injections given and the services provided in the hospital. Installment plans and insurance financing can reduce this cost.

The following are factors that affect the cost of weight loss injections.

  • Insurance plans
  • Special discounts
  • Chosen hospital
  • Services available


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Installment Plans:

Royal is one of the few clinics in Dubai offering weight loss injections at reasonable prices for deserving people. We have many financing options, including installment plans for weight loss surgeries, to help you manage your expenses. This will allow paying a large amount in installments. There are more offers and special discounts on occasions. So if you are a new patient and would like to take advantage of our financing plans, please contact our team.

Budget Down Your Cost Dubai:

The cost of procedure depends upon where you have the treatment. Prices greatly vary by the clinic and the type of services patients avail. It’s incredibly important to have a sit-down consultation with the doctor in advance about the cost. It would be highly preferable not to break your budget when undergoing a weight loss procedure. At the Royal Clinic, our specialists work with you to make sure you get the best possible procedure at the best price.


Gone are the days when diets were supposed to fight obesity. Now people are raising their standards and turning to weight-loss injections. We being the best weight loss clinic in Dubai and ensure you get all kinds of weight loss treatments at reasonable prices including installment plans and financing offers. So, learn a little bit from us directly about the cost as well as the procedure. The more you learn about this procedure, the easier it will be to manage the associated complications.

Make an appointment now to find out more about Weight Loss Injection Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.