5 Ways to Fix Your Patchy Beard in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost & Price

Facial hair joining is a strong and durable solution for the treatment of Patchy hair development. Facial hair inserts can be performed on men whose hair isn’t as expected developed or whose Facial Beard Hair has uncovered spots, giving it a blemished look. But technology has given a wide range of solutions to this problem. Here are 5 Ways to Fix Your Patchy Beard in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

5 Ways to Treat the Patchy Beard:

  • All You Need is Good Care!

The initial step to fixing a sketchy facial hair growth providing good care to your beard. It’s not quite as straightforward as allowing your beard to develop and staying optimistic, keep oiling your beard with hair growth oils, do brushing your hair. Above all else, begin new. Get your razor out, prep your skin, and have a decent shave. To let the follicles grow faster.

  • Growth Factor Concentrate:

For hormonal balding, this is the best treatment with guaranteed outcomes in as less as 2-3 meetings. GFC utilizes the actuated development factors from platelets in the applicant’s blood to set off the development deliberately working in the hormonally tested hair roots.

Blood is gathered like a blood test and handled to isolate the platelet part and initiate them to deliver the development factors into the dynamic arrangement. This Growth Factor Concentrate is then conveyed to the hair established involving microinjections in the impacted regions.

New Hair Growth should be visible as soon as 30 days after treatment.

  • PRP:

This PRP Treatment has proactively been effectively utilized for quite a while in treating different circumstances, like muscle, bone, or joint wounds. Nonetheless, it was as of late that its advantages in advancing hair development and reclamation have been logically confirmed. This speedy and simple technique includes drawing your very own smidgen blood, then involving an exceptional axis to isolate the substances in it. When the supplement-rich platelets, which are extraordinary at advancing tissue development are separated, they are infused into the thinning up top regions on your jaw. This prompts better vascularization, tissue recuperating, and recovery, and that implies your revitalized follicles will begin delivering a thick and sound-looking beard.

  • FUT

Facial hair transplant gets thick whiskers that look regular and extremely durable and recuperate rapidly. FUE or follicular unit extraction is a strategy where hair follicles are removed separately as superfine follicular units that are joined from the rear of the head and joined independently into the facial hair region.

  • FUE

FUE hair transplantation is a special practice that moves individual hair follicles starting with one piece of your body and then onto the next. The follicular unit extraction process involves utilizing a negligibly obtrusive careful cycle where sound hair follicles in a single piece of your body are eliminated and afterward securely embedded into the facial region.


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