Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price

The female gynecological condition known as vaginal relaxation syndrome causes the muscles and mucous membrane of the vagina to lose tone, increasing the volume of the vagina and impairing the closure of the vulvar ring (genital fissure, vaginal entrance).

There are various names for vaginal relaxation syndrome (VRS), including vaginal atony, broad vagina syndrome, and vaginal weakness. Although the condition does not endanger life, it significantly lowers the quality of it. Complaints of an aesthetic character do not rank last: many people view a wide-open genital gap as a sign of ugliness. Learn more about Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah to solve your problem.


  • Pain and discomfort experienced during sexual activity
  • Strange noises caused by air entering the vagina
  • Decline in the standard of intimate relationships
  • Urination violation
  • Either diarrhea or incontinence

What Causes Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome?

Among the most frequent reasons for its occurrence are:

  • Age
  • Lowering of hormone levels
  • Accidents, including those during childbirth.
  • Muscles of the pelvic floor changing

After giving birth, recuperation usually takes 4-6 weeks, but frequently this is not long enough for a woman to fully recover.

Methods of Treatment:

  • Surgery is more successful than conservative therapy. Additionally, to using female sex hormones, physiotherapy is employed.
  • Exercises for physiotherapy: To strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, patients are given Kegel and Yunluos exercises or are advised to use electrical muscle stimulation.
  • The surgical approach offers a speedy and long-lasting solution, but there are drawbacks, including sexual dysfunction, urethral and vaginal stenosis, and neuritis of the obturator nerve.
  • Laser technique, laser – accomplishes deep heating instead of superficial tissue damage, which kick-starts collagen restoration and collagen regeneration. The tissues become elastic and resilient as well as oxygenated. The tone of the pelvic floor muscles is clearly audible. As a result, the tissue becomes elastic and the vagina’s atony decreases. The tissue is shrunk by 2/3 during the laser operation because the collagen triple helix’s transverse intermolecular linkages are shortened. The tissue thickens, contracts, and shrinks as a result.


Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can cost between AED 2999 and AED 7999. After the initial consultation, the doctor will decide the cost of the procedure based on a number of variables.

Factor’s Affecting Cost:

The cost of the vaginal region procedure may vary depending on the particular circumstances and the facility. The following factors are those that influence the price:

Treatment Area:

Others may go for internal or external vaginal treatments, while some clients may want a complete makeover. The cost may vary based on the areas that are being treated; a full makeover will be significantly more expensive than just one session.

Desired Outcomes:

Everyone has distinct treatment objectives and depending on what they want to achieve, each person’s program will be unique and cost differently.

Doctors’ Education:

Because each specialist has a distinct level of knowledge and competence, his fees for treatments vary. Therefore, be prepared to pay a lot for a doctor’s services if you select one with considerable training.

Level of Clinic:

The level of the clinic is influenced by the type of equipment used, the clinic’s organization, the people working there, and its location. As the ratio increases, the clinic will spend more on its offerings.

Why Choose Us?

The Enfield Royal Gynecology Clinic employs a distinctive method that enables the issue to be treated minimally invasively using the available treatment alternatives that softly interact with the mucosa. The machine’s pulses, which can be precisely controlled, transmit energy into the genital tract and vaginal canal, heating and contracting the collagen there. If you want to tighten and improve the state of your vagina, get Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. For a free consultation, complete the form below.

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