Vaginal Atrophy Dryness Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price

A condition known as atrophy of the vaginal mucosa causes the vaginal walls to thin. A drop in sex hormone levels in the body is the primary reason for this issue in women. Recently, young women with disharmonic illnesses have also experienced this issue, in addition to menopausal women. Atrophic vaginitis, also known as vaginal dryness, is a condition where the vaginal walls thin out as a result of a drop in a woman’s hormone levels. Discomfort also develops.

In addition to menopausal women, young women are also frequently affected by the condition.

You can get rid of vaginal dryness and regain gynecological health with a laser. This is a brand-new, cutting-edge method of treating women who have atrophic processes-related vulvovaginal alterations. Learn more about Vaginal Atrophy Dryness Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah to get yourself treated.

What are the Main Symptoms?

  • Burning
  • Uncomfortable relationships
  • Pain
  • Dryness-like feeling,
  • Itchiness around the labia and vaginal entrance;
  • Pelvic bleeds (mucous)

Hot flashes, frequent mood swings, dry skin, and sleep issues are all common signs of this condition. It should be highlighted here that urological disorders can be connected issues even though we frequently treat them separately from the primary cause.

What Causes Vaginal Atrophy?

The tissues of the vulva and vagina are kept elastic and moist by the hormone estrogen, which is generated by the ovaries. The tissues begin to atrophied as its activity declines, causing symptoms such as dryness, itching, pain during sexual activity, and problems urinating. Recurrent urinary tract infections are common in women. In this case, laser treatment may be beneficial.

How To Prepare Yourself for The Treatment?

In order to recreate the natural vaginal environment, topical medications are recommended. Vaginal suppositories with live lactic acid bacteria are recommended for this reason. Local exposure methods practically never enter the bloodstream and have no negative side effects.

Antimicrobials and antiseptics are administered if the doctor discovers indications of inflammation brought on by infectious microorganisms. Formulations made from synthetic materials and plant materials, such as extracts from therapeutic plants, are included in this list. Urosepsis, physiotherapy, and exercise therapy are indicated for excessive urination.

How is it Treated?

The most cutting-edge treatment for vaginal atrophy is laser therapy. Numerous clinical studies have been conducted to date, demonstrating the method’s efficacy and safety. A complex physical and chemical mechanism based on the transformation of radiation energy into thermal energy determines how a laser affects tissues.

Deep heat triggers the formation of new collagen fibers and cells that are responsible for tissue flexibility, which in turn aids in fortifying the vaginal walls. The mucous membrane responds favorably to the laser beam, helping to restore both its natural structure and the vaginal secretion’s natural bacteria.

Tightening of flabby tissues and lightening of pigmented areas are two manifestations of rejuvenation’s effects. Urinary incontinence, which is brought on by the anterior vaginal wall prolapse, is removed after laser exposure.


The cost of a PRP with three laser treatments and vaginal H.A booster for Vaginal Atrophy Dryness cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi ranges from 9,500 AED to 10,500 AED. Several factors, including the following, may affect how much this treatment will cost.

  • The gynecologist’s knowledge
  • The clinic’s grade
  • State of the genital area
  • The clinic’s location
  • Required number of sessions
  • Required number of PRP injections

Why Choose Us?

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