Vacuum Therapy for Buttocks Dubai & Abu Dhabi Vacuum Therapy Price

Enlarge your butt with vacuum therapy!

Should you get picked up on bigger butts? Good news! You now have options for achieving the widest butt pitch that is uplifted, round and plump. One of the leading and most popular currently is Vacuum Buttock Therapy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, which people are now considering for buttock augmentation.

What is Vacuum therapy for Buttocks?

Buttock Vacuum Therapy, also known as cupping, is an instant route to a fuller, rounder, and larger buttocks. It is a non-surgical alternative to a surgical buttock lift that uses suction cups to painlessly lift the buttocks. There are huge requests and demands associated with this booty boost. Vacuum Buttock Therapy will cost you about AED 3,000 per session at the Royal Clinic.

This treatment contours and melts fat pockets, causing dimples in the skin, which are then drained naturally through the lymphatic system. This overall process is painless and will make you feel comfortable. The FDA has approved this procedure not only for shaping the buttocks but also for firmer and smoother skin.


  • Raises, lifts, and tones the buttocks up to 80%
  • Help increase mass
  • Reduces unwanted dimples
  • Instant results
  • No pain or downtime
  • Assists with lymphatic drainage
  • Stimulating collagen production helps to shape the buttocks

What is the Procedure?

Vacuum Therapy for Buttocks Dubai is quick, taking a total of about thirty minutes while you are lying on your stomach. The experts do a mini-massage and place two suction cups on each buttock. These cups are made from a transparent material that allows the technician to visualize the suction effect and the desired level of enhancement. To keep up with the results, regular treatment is required. 2-3 sessions can be performed per day, however, the procedure is painless, does not hurt the skin.


The results of vacuum therapy are permanent, but they are comparatively different from the results of a surgical buttock lift. After about 6-8 sessions, patients expect an increase in the buttocks, improved tone, and maximum satisfaction. The Royal Clinic recommends post sessions every few months to maintain the amazing benefits.

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Best Vacuum Therapy for Buttocks in Dubai   Vacuum Therapy for Buttocks Dubai  Vacuum Therapy for Buttocks in Dubai

How much does Vacuum Therapy for Buttocks Cost?

In Dubai, the cost of buttock vacuum therapy ranges from AED 2,000 to AED 5,000 per session. Depending on the type of equipment used and the results you are looking for, prices may vary. After all, in most cases, you need to pay more to see the best results.

The cost is not covered by insurance companies as the procedure is aesthetic. You can talk directly with your doctor about any discounts, promotions for multiple visits.

Side Effects and Downtime:

Since vacuum therapy is not surgical, there is no downtime. Patients can return to their normal lifestyle soon after treatment. However, there is some swelling, redness, and slight bruising on the buttocks, but this is a temporary, go away soon after treatment, allowing you to experience the true benefits.


For best results, be sure to consult with a board-certified surgeon who is familiar with techniques associated with buttock therapy. Choosing the best doctor ultimately comes down to skills, experience, and qualifications. At Royal, we take care of your health, goals and make sure you have a comforting experience with us. Learn more from our experts today about how