Understanding The Science Behind Laser Scar Treatment in Dubai Cost

According to the concept built by modern science one can clear the scar that appears on the skin as a result of any accident, injury, or  acne with the help of a laser, the scar itself is not an unnatural thing it is produced by the body as a natural response to acknowledge any mis adventure happened either naturally or due to any mistake it is the constructive process of restoration at the injured site but it sometimes causes serious itching and pain due to the muscle stretching, this is best facilitated by the help of Understanding The Science Behind Laser Scar Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. This is an innovative procedure is being  currently experienced in a different clinic by the aesthetic dermatologist.

What Is Laser Scar Treatment?

Laser treatment involves the induction of a laser scar beam into the upper epidermis of the skin goes deep in and stimulate the inner layer to generate new skin cell in this way outer damaged layer can be removed after the formation of inner skin cell in this way the outer scar skin get minimizes to small scar new scar is small and help to hide the previous big scar but new one is still noticeable. this treatment addresses all kinds of scars including:

  • Scars due to deep pimples.
  • Scars due to cuts or incisions during surgical conduct.
  • Scar due to an accident.


Before initiating the procedure the doctor identifies the part of the skin by marking a round over that to confirm the area of work.

  • After choosing the working zone the doctor must treat the patient with anesthesia or may apply anesthetic creams to leave the area unconscious
  • Then the doctor cleaned the area.
  • If the scar on the face is treated patient must protect the eyes with the help of glasses
  • The healthy area other than scars is covered by the doctor to avoid any reaction to it
  • Then the laser beam will be used to reduce the area of the scar 
  • The treated area will be covered after the treatment has been done there might be the chances of having inflammation around the area of treatment which can be moisturised by the help of moisturizer to reduce the swelling and redness.

Why This Treatment Is Recommended?

It is highly recommended by the dermatologist because of the good choice to work among the series of procedures

  • It’s recovery time is very short 
  • It is not much painfull
  • It gives the maximum result
  • It is non invassive procedure to follow.

Things To Be Avoided:

Every cosmetic procedure has some post-operative instructions that must be followed to ensure the success of the procedure, which included

  • Avoid having exposure to the skin
  • Apply the cold wet cloth around the area treated just to avoid further swelling and redness
  • Do not use any cleanser without the prescription of the doctor right after the surgery
  • Keep the treated area away from dust and allergens 
  • Do not take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which are responsible for the slow recovery.
  • Don’t use any nonmedicated skin care products.

Effectiveness Of The Procedure:

Like all other dermatological procedures, it also has profound effects and results.

  • It reduces and diminishes the root of the scar due to the deep penetration inside
  • It provides ease in removing itching pain and rashes at the scar site
  • It is considered very safe and effective against all kínd and categories of skin 
  • It doesn’t only minimize the scar but it is a non-invasive and pain-free procedure 
  • It encounters several other problems of the skin running along with the scar removal issue
  • It is a time-saving procedure in terms of recovery and durability 
  • It doesn’t need any extra care before going for the procedure 


It offers very few side effects like all other laser procedures. complications included

  • The appearance of redness 
  •  swelling at the area of treatment 
  • Slight inflammation due to redness 

Success Of The Treatment :

The success of the treatment always depends upon the depth of the scar, the type of the scar, and how old it is, it also depends upon the experience and expertise of the dermatologist exposure to the equipment, and knowledge of the treatment and how he can carry it down.

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