Types of Neck Lift Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost & Price

With aging, you may notice a visible change in your facial and neck skin. It starts sagging down and makes you look way older than your age which is why it is needed to rectify this issue to make you look younger and fresh again. For facial skin recovery, multiple different types of procedures are performed such as fillers, thread lifts,s and surgeries whereas for the neck there are also 3 types of basic neck lift surgeries available. To put some extra care to your skin by having a neck lift or to clear out your queries regarding the Types of Neck Lift Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah you have to get a consultation with our expert cosmetic surgeons.

Neck Lift Surgery:

Lower rhytidectomy, often known as a neck lift, is mostly a surgical operation that binds tissues in the lower neck and face to remove sagging skin, vertical banding, too much double chin, and neck wrinkles. The procedure can be surgical or nonsurgical depending upon the need of the client as well as the condition of the client.


There is more than a single type of neck lift surgery depending upon the client’s condition and need as well as the one best suited for you.

  • Liposuction:

In this operation, a surgical cannula is used to remove extra neck fat. Extra fat is removed after the cannula has been put into the desired location. Through a suction pump, the cannula suctions all the fat as it goes back and forth. After that, the skin that has sagged is sewn together.

  • Short Scar:

For a neck lift with a short scar, just the area around the ears is cut, and the sutures are buried in the hairline or the fold of the ear or beneath the skin. Excess skin is removed, the platysma muscle, which runs vertically down the front of the throat, is tightened, and the remaining skin is also tightened for a taut, young appearance.

  • Platysmaplasty:

With time, the platysma muscle may start to relax, causing the skin of the neck to drop noticeably. If the drooping is severe, another incision can be made under the skin to straighten the neck muscles and restore them to a more youthful, tighter form. This can sometimes be done as part of the Short Scar Neck Lift.


The following recommendations must be followed after a Neck Lift in Dubai.

  • Take all of the medications as directed by your doctor.
  • To lessen swelling and pain in the treated region, apply compresses and ice.
  • After surgery, refrain from any vigorous activity for two weeks.
  • For a speedy recovery, practice a few neck-related exercises.
  • Apply the topical ointments your doctor has advised.
  • After the procedure has healed for five days, bandages and stitches are removed.
  • Six days following the procedure, you can resume your social activities.
  • It will be recommended to take antibiotics to treat the illness.


The following are the benefits of having a neck lift procedure:

  • a neck with a longer, more beautiful look
  • a more appealing neck angle
  • Skin rejuvenation on the neck
  • Getting rid of a “turkey neck.”
  • lowering the amount of submental fat 
  • minimal invasiveness or scarring
  • improved garment fit
  • Continue to seem natural
  • A neck lift has both psychological and aesthetic advantages.
  • slack skin that has tightened around the neck
  • more pronounced jawline and a neck profile
  • A reduction in neck creases and lines

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