Tummy Tuck - What Kind Of Procedure It Is in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

We gain weight in different ways. Some notice excessive fat around their buttocks. Whereas, others usually experience difficulty while tucking their tummy into jeans. Usually, women experience this problem after pregnancy. However, today, it seems to be a rather common complication among patients of all age groups. Whether you are obese or someone who is trying to tone down their belly without great results. We have the best reliable medical option for you to effortlessly discard the excessive fat from your abdomen. Read about; Tummy Tuck In Dubai. Explore detailed information associated with Tummy Tuck – What Kind Of Procedure It Is in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and discover the perks of this prosperous procedure.

What Is A Tummy Tuck?

This is a surgical procedure which is also known as Abdominoplasty. However, it is not performed due to medical reasons, but rather for cosmetic purposes solely. The surgery aims to remove excess external skin and internal fat cells with the help of a mini liposuction process. Moreover, it will also tighten the muscles creating a flatter appearance on top. 

What Kind Of Surgeries Are We Offering?

Depending on your stored fat, the Surgeon in charge will recommend the following procedures mentioned below;

  • Mini-Tummy Tuck; focuses on the lower belly area. Our goal is to remove the saggy skin falling to gravity. An incision is made around the navel region to gain access inside the belly. The fat cells are slurped up with the machine and the skin is readjusted with dissolvable sutures. 
  • Full-Tummy Tuck; targets the entire abdomen deep into the fat wall. The external excess skin is cut and removed to create a tighter and flatter-looking belly. Each abdominal muscle is tightened and stitched separately. In the end, your belly button is adjusted artificially before dressing the wound using antibiotic medications.
  • Extended Tummy Tuck; is a custom-designed procedure that is proceeded according to each individual’s aesthetic and medical requirements. Usually, obese patients are registered for this extended version of the surgery. We create longer incisions extending from the flanks to the hips wrapping around the abdomen area to cut off the stored fat from a 360 angle. This is considered to be a major surgery. Therefore, your hospital stay and recovery period are also going to take longer. 

What Are The Expected Results?

The final results will appear after a complete recovery. However, the generated outcomes are dramatic and longer-lasting if you continue to follow a restricted diet plan and opt for regular workouts to sustain the maintenance. In addition to this, candidates report back with astonishment after witnessing a well-contoured belly with flatter abs. 

Who Is A Suitable Candidate?

This treatment is restricted to adults only. Therefore, anyone between the ages of 30 to 50 can undergo this procedure. You are advised to opt for a consultation session. A tummy tuck surgeon will examine your specific concerns and scroll through your medical history before registering you for the most suitable option. 

What Happens During The Procedure?

The surgery takes place inside an operation room. Below is a general outline of the entire process;

  • The action takes place after putting you to sleep under the influence of general anesthesia. 
  • Our team of surgeons will begin by making an incision below the belly button and connect the liposuction tube to extract the fat cells. 
  • The next step is to cut the excess skin. It is then gently pulled together to stitch and create a flatter-looking surface. 
  • Your newly modified belly button is re-adjusted into a newer location. The wounds are stitched closed using dissolving sutures. 
  • In the end, we will dress up the sore sights and transfer you to the recovery room. You are taken under observation to monitor your overall well-being until you are discharged from the hospital upon showing early signs of recovery.

What Are The Newly Restored Benefits?

We gathered versatile beneficial effects of this promising procedure. Read along as we enlighten you about the perks in store for you;

  • It is a life-changing treatment for everyone who has been struggling with big belly problems. 
  • The newly restored changes will boost your confidence and upgrade your overall aesthetic appearance. 
  • You can opt for high-waist jeans, easily tuck in your tops, and sit comfortably even when wearing a slim-fit dress. 
  • Even a day at the beach is not going to cause any embarrassment. Your body appears fully toned and well-shaped to enjoy your summer days in Dubai.
  • Most importantly, the results are going to last for a lifetime if you continue to eat a balanced diet along with following a healthier lifestyle.

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