Tummy Tuck Scars Prevention, Treatment & Removal in Dubai Cost

Tummy tuck scars can have a significant effect on people’s self-image and confidence. For some, the scarring associated with a tummy tuck can be a source of embarrassment and even physical discomfort. The scarring can also be a reminder of an event that the person may not have wanted to happen in the first place. The degree of scarring can also affect the person’s ability to wear certain types of clothing, as the scarring may be visible through the clothing. This is why people often rise their queries regarding Tummy Tuck Scars: Prevention, Treatment & Removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

How to Prevent Them?

Below mentioned are some ways that can be helpful in preventing the formation of scars after having a tummy tuck procedure:

  • Select a surgeon with experience and training. The level of ability of the surgeon has a significant impact on the effectiveness of the outcomes of a stomach tuck treatment.
  • Observe the post-surgical instructions. It’s crucial to adhere to the surgeon’s post-operative recommendations. This may entail using a compression garment, staying away from physically demanding activities, and maintaining a clean incision site.
  • Take care of your weight. The look of the scars after a belly tuck might change with weight increase or decrease. To get the finest outcomes, it’s critical to maintain a healthy weight and way of life.
  • Employ scar treatments. There are several products available that might help lessen the visibility of scars. These consist of scar creams, silicone gel sheets, and topical vitamin E.

Treatment and Removal:

  • Use scar removal lotions: Mederma and other over-the-counter scar removal creams can help lessen the visibility of belly tuck scars.
  • Obtain laser therapy: By destroying scar tissue and promoting collagen development, laser treatments can help fade the appearance of scars.
  • Try microdermabrasion: This procedure uses a specialized tool to gently remove the skin’s top layer while exfoliating the skin. This lessens the visibility of scars and lessens their discoloration, which helps to mask them.
  • Think about a scar revision: A surgical treatment called scar revision includes removing the scar tissue and stitching the skin back together. This can aid in lessening the visibility of scars and reducing their look.


  • Many patients who have undergone a stomach tuck may feel self-conscious or embarrassed about their scars. Removing them might make the person feel more confident and have a better overall perception of their physique.
  • Tummy tuck scar removal can make the abdomen seem better by providing it with a smoother, more aesthetically attractive appearance.
  • The abdominal region may feel more sensitive or sore as a result of the existence of the scars; therefore, removing the scars can help make the area more comfortable.
  • As the open incision caused by the treatment is more vulnerable to infection, getting rid of stomach tuck scars can help lower the risk of infection in the region.

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