Triple-Positive Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment, And Outlook For Patients

Finding cancer early saves lives. The sooner we catch it, the easier it is to treat. Do you experience hard lumps in your breasts? Have you ever felt like a hard tissue in it? To receive the facility Triple-Positive Breast Cancer: Diagnosis, Treatment, And Outlook For Patients in Dubai women should discuss screening recommendations with their respective facility providers. Most medical organizations recommend annual or biennial monitoring between the ages of 40 and 50. Conditions such as masses, calcifications, and architectural distortions point to a tumor or other conditions requiring further evaluation. A Mammogram In Dubai we offer is highly effective in the detection of any potential risks or changes occurring inside your body.

How To Detect Cancer?

It is a specialized X-ray used for the detection of early signs in females. The breast is compressed between plates to expand. This helps in obtaining clear images. Talking to your doctor about your health worries can help you figure out the best ways to stay healthy.

The Main Purpose:

This is used to find cancer in asymptomatic females, meaning individuals with no signs. It also works as a diagnostic tool if symptoms such as a lump, pain, or changes in the chest are present. Overall, it plays a vital role in prolonging and enhancement of lives through early detection, timely prevention, and treatment before spreading.


In this careful X-ray examination, digital images are secured from the top and lateral view of the tissue. It typically involves the below-mentioned steps:

  • Check-in at the reception desk, provide information and complete a medical history form on arrival at the facility.
  • After which, staff will escort you to a private changing area. A hospital gown will also be provided to wear.
  • Patients should wear loose-fitting clothes and avoid metal buttons, zippers, or jewelry around the chest area.
  • An imaging expert will guide you to the examination room and explain the process. The patient will stand in front of a machine with one breast positioned on a platform.
  • The technologist will help appropriately position for imaging, ensuring proper alignment and compression for accurate results.
  • A technician will gently place a flat compression paddle to gradually apply pressure and flatten the mass.
  • Although it causes temporary discomfort, it is required to obtain high-quality images and minimize exposure.
  • The machine takes X-ray images from multiple angles. During the capturing process, you must remain still and hold your breath for only a few seconds.
  • Repositioning for additional images is sometimes necessary for the adequate visualization of all areas.
  • The technologist will stand behind a protective barrier to minimize exposure. Once the procedure is complete, the individual will get dressed and exit from the facility.
  • A radiologist will analyze the results for abnormalities, signs, and findings. The patient will typically get results within a week.
  • Further tests like additional imaging studies or a biopsy are advised if abnormalities are revealed.


It is detected before the cells are palpable or cause symptoms. A Mammogram offers several important advantages:

  • Finding a health problem early means there is a greater chance of success for doctors to treat it.
  • This is a very important tool for finding problems in asymptomatic ladies, who are not aware of any sickness or signs.
  • Routine checkups help people live longer because they catch the problem earlier when it is small at a premature level.
  • High-risk individuals may benefit from more frequent screening, including those with a family history of the disease or specific genetic mutations.
  • People with a higher chance due to family members having a disease or special genes making them more receptive benefit from getting checked more often.
  • It provides essential information about the characteristics of a tumor. This will help a doctor in creating a treatment plan just for you.
  • Treatment options include surgery, medicine to fight the tumor, radiation, hormone treatment, or special therapies.
  • Undergoing regular diagnosis helps you relax and reassure by alleviating anxiety and feeling more confident about your health.
  • Mammograms help raise awareness by encouraging women to take preventive measures which contributes to public healthcare.

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