Transform Your Skin With Advanced Fractional CO2 Laser Therapy

Technology has made the impossible or uneasy task possible by bringing great advancement in terms of laser therapy, Skin is one of the regenerative tissues in the human body. Its activity and functional capability get increased twofold with the help of laser technology to make skin smooth flawless shiny and even-toned this treatment involves the use of CO2 gas to renew the damaged surface cells with replacement to newly generated ones in this regard the science to study the facts and figure depends upon the knowledge to understand the mechanism to Transform Your Skin With Advanced Fractional CO2 Laser Therapy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What is Fractional CO2 Laser Therapy?

This advanced technology uses a beam of CO2 laser and splits into multiple fractions of light which go deeper into the skin tissues where the self-regenerating phenomena of the skin itself start working and initiate the making of new skin cells which then replace with the older damaged and laser-treated skin tissue.

Why This Procedure Is Preferred?

This is a non-invasive and nonsurgical procedure referred to repair the skin tissue and provide ease in making the skin wrinkle-free acne and scar-free without surgical attempt.

Unlike other skin care products like creams whitening formulas and topical applications which work superficially, it goes deeper into the skin without damaging the surrounding skin cells making possible the transformation of old and damaged tissue to fresh new, and scar-free surfaces.


It is a nonsurgical pain painless procedure like all other laser treatments It also offers several advantages.

  • This procedure is very beneficial due to its ability to generate collagen formation which ultimately involves skin texture restoration removing the lines and freckles that appear due to prolonged sun exposure
  • One of the best advantages is to reduce and minimize pigmentation which is not an age-related phenomenon, Pigmentation happens due to the activity of melanin in the body which gives color and complexion to the skin it then restricts the release of melanin and helps in the depigmentation process.
  • It is helpful to tackle the problem of acne scars and injury scars help to diminish scar appearance maximumly.
  • It is the best technique involved in vitalizing the skin and providing balanced nutrition to the skin to maintain its elasticity and smoothness

Risk Of The Procedure:

Risks and complications are very few and not even worth mentioning but must know before going for the treatment because each person has their skin quality.

  • It sometimes causes pimple formation
  • Infection may happen at the site of treatment
  • Swelling might possible 

What Precaution Should Be Followed?

Some necessary precautions have to be followed to maintain the sustainability of the procedure.

  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun rays
  • Avoid topical cream or other skin care products application until prescribed by the doctor
  • Make sure the regular proper use of sunscreen
  • Make sure the maintenance of proper hygiene
  • Avoid using medicated cleanser and moisturizers,
  • Do not rub your hand over the skin unnecessarily 
  • Do not even wash the skin right after the treatment
  • Do not go swimming in the pool 
  • In  case of mild itching or discomfort use a wet cold cotton piece
  • Don’t try to put on makeup
  • Avoid doing shave

People Ideal For The Treatment:

People who are the deserving candidates for this procedure are those who having

  • Acne problem
  • Wrinkle and freckle issue
  • Lining on the skin
  • Scar formation due to injury or any accident
  • People with a skin disorder 
  • Those who are having the issue of pigmentation

Medication Follow up:

This is a nonsurgical process or painless procedure so it doesn’t need any strict medication follow-up but in case of pain steroidal ant-inflammatory drugs as painkillers are prescribed

Recovery Time:

Recovery doesn’t need much time as it is a non-surgical procedure so it will take around 2-3 weeks for recovery. recovery time also depends upon the intensity of damage addressed and the experience of the surgeon.

Book A Consultation:

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