Top Procedures Revealed Of Hair Transplantation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Human beings constantly go through naturalistic fluctuating stances, which result in multiple expected or unexpected consequences like losing hair, dermal and dental issues, etc. Taking the health hazards linked with hair into account, it can be observed that the individuals have encountered a vast amount of related problems, but in one way or another, they are constantly working to get rid of them. Excessive hair loss is merely treated with the Top Procedures Revealed Of Hair Transplantation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Over the last few decades, this course of action has been adopted and successfully applied to regain aesthetically pleasing and naturalistic-looking hair.

What Is Hair Transplantation?

A hair transplant is attempted while extracting the follicles from one hairy part of the body to the bald portion of the skin. It is categorized as an invasive and surgical course of action, which has to proceed with the help of minimalist surgical apparatus. Even though the patient has to face a few of the temporal aftermath of the treatment still, it is considered a once-in-a-lifetime procedure. With the help of the influence and implementation of research, artificial intelligence, and technology the ratio of effectiveness and the up-to-the-mark procedure is arranged while holding a high and positive success ratio.

What Are The Procedures Utilized To Regain Hair?

Within the contemporary era, according to the research and recommendation of specialists and dermatologists hair transplant is taken as a preferred treatment. Depending upon the need of the patient robotic hair transplant, follicular unit extraction, follicular unit transplant, and PRP for hair loss treatment are utilized. Aside from this course of action sometimes laser therapy, minoxidil, scalp micro-pigmentation, and PRP injections are also helpful in treating baldness.  


Best Top Procedures Revealed Of Hair Transplantation Clinic in Dubai Best Top Procedures Revealed Of Hair Transplantation in Dubai Top Procedures Revealed Of Hair Transplantation in Dubai

The top procedures for Hair Transplantation:

  • Robotic Hair Transplant:

The procedure of this hair transplant is immensely enhanced with the help of the latest technology, like the use of robotics and ARTAS. This technology is accompanied by a digitalized mapping system and computer arm to detect the best follicular from the donor dermal portion.    

  • Follicular Unit Extraction:

Follicular unit extraction is an amalgamation of the digital and traditional way of treatment, and it is molded according to the expected need and wants of the patient. The procedure is either minorly attempted with the help of artificial intelligence or completely relying upon specialists. However, FUE is mostly suggested to patients because of its success ratio while not even leaving any scars. The patient will be able to have any extra stitching or precautionary measure. 

  • Follicular Unit Transplant:

Contrary to FUE, FUT is taken as a kind of more technical procedure that focuses more on extracting and inserting a complete strip of dermal follicles from one part to another, sometimes leaving a scar on the skin’s surface. The outcome ratio is slower and certain precautionary measures are also strictly followed for the time of recovery.

  • PRP For Hair Loss Treatment:

Platelet-rich plasma is mainly considered for cosmetic treatment. The blood is collected from one portion of the body and inserted in another part of the body after it goes through a little processing, this treatment helps the regrowth of the follicles within the bald part of the body. This procedure for hair transplant does not carry any risky elements or precautionary measures after, before, or during the treatment. PRP treatment leaves no scars, signs, or marks on the outer dermal layer.

Benefits Of Selecting A Top Procedure:

There are a lot of benefits attained by the former patients and proved with the help of constant research regarding Hair Transplants In Dubai, a few of them are mentioned below.

  • The hair regrowth process is carefully organized, with a focus on following the natural pattern of hair growth. 
  • Patients should not be worried about the outcome of the treatment, as it is designed to be safe and effective.
  • Another great benefit is that patients will not experience any scarring, signs, or marks on the outer layer of the skin. 
  • If there are any issues with sensitivity or dermal health, patients should consult with a specialist as soon as possible to ensure a speedy recovery. 
  • The specialists use FDA-approved equipment and are supported by artificial intelligence.
  •  Within just a few months, patients will start to see the positive effects of the hair transplant.
  •  By the end of the treatment, patients will have a natural-looking head of hair that enhances their appearance.

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