Thread Lift Treatment Pros And Cons in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Aging affects so hard to the skin by taking off its elasticity and decreasing the amount of collagen produced by the body itself. This decrease leads to sagging skin as well as affect the texture of the inner and outer layer of the skin. After which your face starts looking older with folders on the face and on the neck to get rid of this issue multiple surgical and nonsurgical options are available. One of which is Thread Lift with outstanding results. When people know about multiple different procedures and got no satisfactory results from the one they have done on their skin then they started searching for others for example when fillers do not provide the exact results people expected for then they move toward thread Lifts and raise their queries regarding Thread Lift Treatment Pros And Cons In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Get to know in detail about it in this article.

Thread Lift Treatment:

Temporary threads are used in this minimally invasive cosmetic technique to visually elevate the skin. To put it simply, a thread lift involves the insertion of medical-grade threads over the face, neck, and other places that require some elevation. These threads will be introduced and drawn up, and the patient will receive the desired result. A spontaneous healing reaction is sparked by the thread lift process. More collagen is produced by the skin in the afflicted region, which is exactly what is required to maintain a young appearance. Collagen helps the skin become firmer and more elastic, which helps the thread lift procedure provide effects that last.


This treatment is an amazing step toward getting lifted and rejuvenated skin with just a single noninvasive procedure of inserting a thread. Most of the clients are found happier and more satisfied with their results as they got the exact expected results as they thought.


This procedure is no doubt a set of bounties as it provides countless benefits with fewer or no side effects. Some of its main advantages include:

  • The thread lift, often referred to as sugar strings, has a lot of benefits, including the ability to be repeated as the effects wear off without interfering with other cosmetic operations.
  • The effects of a thread lift are immediate, in contrast to Botox Cosmetic and fillers, which need waiting for the substance to work or for the swelling to subside.
  • Face contouring with thread lifts requires nearly little recovery time. They do all of this without the need for recuperation time, stabilizing the face tissue in a more advantageous posture.
  • Usually, the process lasts under an hour. The phrase “lunchtime facelift” has been used to describe thread lift as it can be done so quickly.
  • The best part of the procedure is it is minimally invasive because it uses needles just to drop thread inside the skin.
  • As the procedure involves no cutting or suturing so no anesthesia is induced only a numbing cream can be enough to stay away from pain.
  • The results are amazing and a visible effect on the skin can be seen
  • Along with the lifting effect, it also provides skin rejuvenation as the thread has the power to increase the production of collagen.


Along with a bundle of advantages, this procedure has a few disadvantages as well. Those cons include:

  • Thread lift is a procedure that gives greater results for a small duration of time. It lasts for six months maximum.
  • Since the thread lift is regarded as a minor procedure, there is a chance of infection, bruising, transient soreness, skin rippling off, and temporary numbness once the skin has been sliced.
  • Although a medical thread lift’s mild results might be considered a drawback for some who desire a less drastic transformation, others may find them to be appealing. Everything is up to personal taste.
  • The threads include tiny barbs that might occasionally feel like splinters.
  • For people with thin skin, the results are not as extraordinary as on a healthy face.

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