The Procedure of Teeth Whitening in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

A vibrant smile catches the eye! It’s the most attractive part of our personality. We laugh with joy and confidence knowing nothing is stopping us from seizing our moment. Sadly, this perfect spotlight might hold us back from exposing our discolored teeth. The lack of self-confidence not only withholds us from social interactions but also stops us from delivering our best performance at work too. We, at Royal Orthodontists Clinic, offer our services of The Procedure of Teeth Whitening in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, assuring a photo-perfect smile!


The expert examines the condition of the teeth by taking an x-ray as well as examining the shade of discoloration, following the cleansing of the mouth and temporarily installing a gem-protectant to start with the treatment. 


The most obvious results may take a few weeks to show a clearer sign of brightness, however, a visible difference appears within 24 hours. It is advised to brush and floss regularly to maintain a healthy and vibrant-looking smile. 

The Procedure of Teeth Whitening in Dubai Best The Procedure of Teeth Whitening in Dubai Best The Procedure of Teeth Whitening Clinic in Dubai


Our goal is to provide you with the healthy-looking and brightest smile. Our experts provide a 90-minute session using a natural bleaching formula to enlighten the pale stains that built up on the surface of your teeth. This process includes the polishing and painting of the whitening formula, restoring the natural shine of the teeth

After the treatment, rinsing of the mouth is required which locks the newly polished surface. To finish off, the dentist will apply a Fluoride treatment that protects the enamel, restoring the natural minerals required to prevent future tooth decay or cavities.

We also use UV Light Therapy to safely fade away the built-ups, restoring the natural glow of your teeth. Our dentist will apply a Hydrogen peroxide gel which activates the brightening agents on the teeth, resulting in a noticeable difference from an unattractive pale shade to a brighter and pleasant-looking smile.


Food consumption isn’t prohibited after the treatment, however, our experts advise steering clear from any food or drinks with artificial coloring to avoid the risk of staining. 

Smoking is also prohibited as well as drinking any acid-based beverages. Alcohol also plays a vital role in destroying the overall health of teeth, thus resulting in various problematic root causes of teeth-related problems such as darkening and gapping between the teeth. Regular mouthwash is required to maintain the best results.

Dentists around the globe, suggest teeth brushing twice a day, on daily basis. It is best to take extra care of your brand-new teeth with a medicated or anti-bacterial mouthwash too. Flossing also prevents future bacteria to find a home inside your mouth. However, a good 48 hours is required before you can eat and drink normally again. Eating and biting on harsh and chewy substances is also not ideal during the very first week of the treatment.


  • Self-confidence: with nothing on your way to stop you from smiling and laughing out loud, you appear confident and powerful.
  • Better oral health: taking care of your teeth is also a future investment! The quality of beauty that enchants others, will also be the center of your attention too. You will now find yourself to be taking better care of your teeth than ever before.
  • Happy gums: encourages youthful smile. 
  • Healthy mouth: boost a healthier stomach.
  • Better hygiene: eliminating harmful toxins from your mouth and developing stronger teeth too.

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