The Difference Between My Hair And Addhair in Dubai Cost & Price

Do you think having long healthy hair is the happening of fairy tales? As you all know hair adds to your beauty and makes your personality more attractive. In the current scenarios where people are facing too much stress and depression hair loss has become a major problem globally. Not even adults young generation is also encountering hair loss problems. Keeping in view this thing many hair restoration treatments have been introduced in the market. You can get rid of baldness and add volume to your thin hair by grafting more hair follicles. If you aim to get your hair volume then come and know The Difference Between My Hair And Addhair in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah before opting for hair restoration. 

What is Addhair?

The word ad means to contact with a smooth surface. Addhair is the attachment of hair to the scalp of another person  This actually happens in the hair transplantation procedure when natural hairs are taken from another person who has more dense hairs and attached to your bald scalp. These hairs are of a donor person that is adhered to the scalp evenly with different textures.  It helps you to hide the baldness and gives you natural-looking hair.

What is My Hair?

This is also the hair transplantation procedure but this time no donor is required for hair. From the part of your scalp that has abundant and dense hair some hair follicles are taken out. These hair follicles are pulled out from the roots and grafted on the portion with less hair growth. 


The Difference Between My Hair And Addhair in Dubai Best The Difference Between My Hair And Addhair in Dubai The Difference Between My Hair And Addhair Clinic in Abu Dhabi

What is the Difference?

Addhair means the implantation of another person’s hair on your scalp. It happens in cases of severe baldness when the person does not have sufficient or even no hair on the scalp. The texture of the hair is different from the person’s original hair texture and color. These hairs do not grow and remain the same throughout your life. You can easily shampoo that hair but they are sometimes the cause of allergy and dandruff on your scalp. 

On the other hand, My Hiar is the type of hair restoration method that used your own hair and transplant on the bald scalp. The person may face hair loss in some regions of the scalp due to many reasons such as exposure to some X-rays or other harmful rays, thin and restricted growth of hair in that area, or thinning of hair due to scarf tie and many more. In this method, the texture and color of hair are the same as your original hair, and the dense hair is shifted towards the bald scalp. 

Benefits of My Hair:

There are many advantages of this method such as

  • It gives you a more natural look as the color and texture are the same. 
  • You can cut your hair for different hairstyles.
  • You can do intense exercise without fear of hair fall.
  • It helps you to boost your confidence and beauty. 
  • You can treat them as you grow hair without any use of preservatives or hair creams. 

Why Choose Us?

Hair restoration methods are offered at our Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai at the most affordable prices.  We have highly qualified and expert cosmetic surgeons that perform their duties with great effort. You can restore your hair and get free from baldness by getting these hair treatments from our clinic. Come and know The Difference Between My Hair And Addhair in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and know the pros and cons.