The 7 Non-Invasive Slimming Treatments in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Although it is indisputable that the healthiest approach to losing weight is by maintaining a nutritious diet and engaging in regular physical activity, this does not preclude the possibility that we may benefit from some additional assistance.

Some people may have pockets of fat that refuse to go away, even when they make changes to their diet and exercise routine. This is why the number of people seeking out slimming therapies continues to rise. They are also commonly referred to as diet pills or weight reduction programs. However, there are many various kinds of therapies for losing weight, and some of them may be extremely pricey.

The following is a list of The 7 Non-Invasive Slimming Treatments in Dubai that you may try out in the comfort of your own home.

How do these Treatments Work?

The rupture of fat cells is the end goal of a variety of non-invasive therapies for fat reduction. These treatments use a variety of methods to accomplish this goal. Some therapies include subjecting the fat cells to a controlled chilling environment, while others involve subjecting the fat cells to heat. Other therapies involve causing harm to fat cells through the use of radiofrequency or ultrasonic energy. Although lipolysis is the goal of every treatment, individual outcomes may differ depending on the specific medical method used. The following information has been compiled based on the experiences of the typical patient.

The 7 Non-Invasive Slimming Treatments:

There are many weight loss treatments available in the market today. Some of them are easy to use, while some require a lot of effort and time. We can help you find the right treatment that is suitable for you and your lifestyle. Following are The 7 Non-Invasive Slimming Treatments in Dubai & Abu Dhabi:


Cryolipolysis is the name given to the process of “freezing” your fat cells. It may be used to treat a variety of body regions, including bra fat, back fat, the area behind the buttocks, the upper arm, the thighs, the belly, and the flank.

By using this method it is claimed that you may get rid of bulges and other unattractive fatty parts of your body. A person’s total amount of fat cells can never genuinely go down. They cannot be naturally expelled out of the body; they either grow or contract. The machine chills your fat to a point where it is destroyed, but your skin and other tissues are unaffected.

Radiofrequency Slimming:

With the use of internal thermal heat produced by radio waves, which naturally aids in the burning off of fatty tissue, radio frequency slimming is a procedure that employs radio frequency technology to reduce fat mass. Intense heat from the radio frequency stimulates the formation of collagen, blood flow, and fat release in tissues. It is a machine that induces electricity and circularly rubs your preferred location. It was the stomach for me.


This procedure is comparable to coolsculpting, except instead of controlled chilling, it uses light-based technology to heat fat cells to the point of death.

With a 25-minute treatment period, it is one of the quickest non-invasive fat removal procedures available. Two to three treatments are often required per region. The only sensations the patient feels throughout therapy are warmth and tingling. In most cases, there is no downtime necessary, and patients can resume their regular daily activities right away after their treatment.

Laser Lipo:

Some of the bigger companies have created numerous types of lasers. Despite being advertised as a minimally invasive fat reduction procedure, laser lipo is significantly more invasive than the other fat reduction procedures mentioned. By focusing on tissue density and using a laser to dissolve fat cells both before and after standard liposuction, laser lipo reduces the invasiveness of the process. For smaller treatment regions, laser lipo is the best option because it doesn’t require general anesthesia.

Vela Shape:

It emphasizes reducing cellulite and circumference as well as body sculpting and skin tightening. The procedure mobilizes tissue using IR laser light, RF energy, and vacuum suction. The outcomes are a discernible decrease in cellulite’s appearance, girth, and fat layers.


The procedure often referred to as Lipomassage, is one of the most reasonably priced techniques to trim a few inches off your body fat. It works as a vacuum-style equipment that massages your body and promotes blood and lymph flow.

When LPG employs mechanical rollers to massage the body, the fat beneath the skin is broken down and eventually reduced with enough sessions. Smoother, firmer skin is the outcome of this lipo massage technique’s activation of collagen and elastin synthesis.

Lymphatic Drainage:

The Slenderizer Massage focuses on lymphatic drainage by using pressured strokes. The idea is to stimulate blood flow in the area leading to a firmer body and a reduction of cellulite appearance. You get a face massage as part of the treatment.

While it doesn’t hurt at all, be warned, this isn’t like a regular massage – there’ll be no droopy eyelids or relaxation time here. The therapist is concerned about the effects of the session more than how it makes you feel during it. Your body may be a bit sore over the next 24 hours, but only as much as a robust exercise session.

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