The 5 Most Effective Teeth Whitening Methods in Dubai Cost & Price

No doubt that a brighter smile is a dream of many, but there are multiple different things that lead to discolored, stained, and pale yellow colored teeth. This issue not only affects confidence or appearance only but also badly impacts a person’s dental health. It can be due to multiple reasons such as drinking coffee, smoking, eating things that left stains, and not taking proper oral hygiene. A number of teeth whitening treatments are available in Dubai out of which The 5 Most Effective Teeth Whitening Methods in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah are listed below.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening is a procedure of lightening the teeth’ color from its natural tone or from pale yellow in order to enhance the appearance of the smile and increased confidence. It can be done at home or at the clinic with different methods. This procedure not only makes the smile perfect but is also helpful in oral health by removing all the salt and germs from the teeth and in between the teeth. The results carried out with the procedure are outstanding swell they last for up to 2 years depending upon the aftercare.

Top 5 Procedures:

The top 5 treatments or procedures done for the purpose of lightening the teeth with effective results are:

  • Toothpaste:

It is one of the basic procedures done for the purpose of whitening the teeth at home which is quite effective at the initial level when you have just a bit of pale color white and you want to make your teeth bright and white. whitening toothpaste is specially formed by combining bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, silica, or pyrophosphates. Which bleach the teeth by using them on daily basis.

  • Whitening Strip:

The use of whitening strips is quite effective in whitening strained and yellow teeth because they contain agents such as peroxide which bleach your teeth the same way as it does bleach hairs and clothes. It is not a permanent way of whitening teeth which is why it is needed to be done on a weekly or on monthly basis.

  • Whitening Trays:

These trays work in the same way as strips. They contain peroxide which slowly releases oxygen on applying over the teeth and removes strains from the enamel by breaking it down. This procedure is needed to be done after the prescription of the dentist because it involves wearing the tray for a long period of time from a few hours to a full night as well this procedure is needed to be done over a period of 4 weeks o more. 

  • Teeth Bleaching:

This procedure can be done at home or at the clinic. The best place to have this treatment is a dentist’s clinic which yields effective results without side effects. It involves applying a fast-working bleaching gel which remains there for a few minutes and then is removed properly. It readily whitens the teeth as well its results last longer if good aftercare is done.

  • Laser:

This procedure involves removing the stains and pale yellow color of teeth with the help of a laser. A solution is applied over the teeth and gums to protect gums from laser light then a fixed beam of laser is applied over the teeth to break the pigmentation and stains from it. It is the most effective procedure with minimal or no side effects. It has a long-lasting result of about 2 years when taken care of properly.


Best The 5 Most Effective Teeth Whitening Methods Clinic in Dubai Best The 5 Most Effective Teeth Whitening Methods in Dubai The 5 Most Effective Teeth Whitening Methods in Dubai


Whitening procedures for teeth are no doubt a set of benefits as they help you make your smile perfect as well as enhance your dental hygiene and health. Some of its main benefits include:

  • A brighter smile makes you draw more confidence in yourself and make you feel bold and confident.
  • Enhance the appearance of teeth
  • Enhance oral health and hygiene
  • Provides maximum results with minimum or no side effects
  • A long-term solution to make teeth white

Where to Get This Done?

All the procedures for teeth whitening are noninvasive and result bringing but it is really important to have these treatments done at a clinic where you are sure you are having it done by an expert dentist because teeth are so sensitive to treatment that if to done effectively it can be fatal. But the thing is how to know which is the best dentist for teeth whitening in Dubai. To know the best doctor all you need is to first take a review from your friends and family who have done this treatment from somewhere then check their reviews and get your first consultation. One of the top-rated clinics with expert dentists in Dubai is Enfield Royal Orthodontists Clinic which is providing outstanding results from the expert hands of dentists from around the world.