Teeth Cleaning and Whitening Treatment in Dubai Price & Cost

Having brighter teeth enhance your appearance. People often go for cleaning and polishing teeth. It is basically not such treatment that is done for a medical purpose but it is a treatment for having a bold and clean look of your smile. Teeth Cleaning and Whitening Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah with Enfield Royal Clinic is very effective and quite reasonable in cost in accordance with their heart whelming results.

What his Treatment is?

Teeth brightening is a course of easing up and lighting up stained teeth to make them look perfect and sound. Teeth are cleaned and whitened to eliminate stains and look white by different techniques going from basic brightening toothpaste, gels, flushes, strips, and plates to brightening items which are done expertly at a dental specialist’s office.

Your teeth light up your grin and improve your looks. white teeth are appealing and found perfect by everyone. And you establish a confident connection with individuals when your teeth look great.

How it is Performed?

This treatment is not much time taking as well it also does not take much effort and recovery time. First of all, the dentist will make a health assessment of your gums and teeth and then elaborate on the whole procedure and its effect. The first procedure to be done is cleaning. During your cleaning, our dental specialists will securely eliminate delicate plaque development and calcified tartar from the tooth surfaces all through your mouth. They will likewise recognize regions that might require additional consideration between arrangements, like tainted gums or regions with heavier measures of development.

After cleaning dentist will apply a hydrogen peroxide gell for 20 minutes which usually works as a bleaching agent and gives a whitening effect.


This treatment is advantageous in many ways such as it provides:

  • Enhance your confidence
  • Built-up your self-esteem
  • Give a new look to your smile
  • Enhance your appearance as well
  • Remove tart and germs from the teeth
  • Clean up the gums
  • Gives a brightening effect
  • Make teeth lighter and prominent
  • Makes the aesthetics better and bolder
  • A reliable and fast treatment
  • No downtime

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Rasha Mhanna is a well-known dentist in Dubai at Enfield Royal Clinic. If you are suffering from pale-colored, tartar surrounded teeth that make you lose your confidence then do consult our expert dentist and get treated with us. Our expert staff knows well how to pamper you with their best services and takes you the astonishing outcomes. And for newbies here comes the great news which is we are offering a very first free consultation at our clinic. So don’t waste this golden chance and grab this offer and get a free appointment with the specialist also learn more about Teeth Cleaning and Whitening Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah with the estimated cost.

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