Stretch Mark Laser Treatment Near Abu Dhabi & Dubai Price & Cost

Stretch marks, also known as striae, are a common issue that affects both men and women and can appear on the buttocks, thighs, and belly. Stretch marks typically develop after a significant weight change, during pregnancy, and during adolescent growth spurts. The skin in these situations thins as a result of the dermis’s collagen and elastin fibers breaking under the high tension of the skin. Stretch marks can also develop in some endocrine conditions linked to increased adrenal hormone secretion. Stretch Mark Laser Treatment Near Abu Dhabi & Dubai is a very effective treatment, which shows results after just one session.

Preparation for the Treatment:

You must schedule a consultation with a physician before receiving laser treatment. He will gather information, look for any potential limitations, and advise you on how to get ready for the treatment. Follow the doctor’s preparation instructions to ensure the effectiveness of the laser treatment for stretch marks:

  • Do not sunbathe or visit the solarium two weeks before to the treatment;
  • Avoid using harsh skin care products (scrubs, chemical peels) 10 days before the session to avoid damaging the skin;
  • To engage in less strenuous activities;
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol the night before the operation.

How Does it Work?

Stretch Mark Laser Treatment Near Abu Dhabi & Dubai is performed through the following procedure:

The principle of selective photo thermolysis is the basis of its operation. Fractional lasers function selectively, as opposed to conventional laser resurfacing, which eliminates the entire layer of the epidermis and necessitates a protracted recovery period. A unique nozzle divides the laser’s beams into numerous smaller ones, each of which leaves the smallest depression in the skin. A faster healing process, the formation of new collagen and elastin, and the restoration of the skin’s normal structure are all made possible by the retention of intact skin around the injured areas.

Care After Procedure:

Follow the doctor’s preparation instructions to ensure the effectiveness of the laser treatment for stretch marks:

  • Several times per day, lubricate the skin with a regenerating cream;
  • Avoid going to saunas, baths, and pools;
  • Avoid active sun;
  • Apply a lotion with an SPF of at least 50 to exposed body parts before going outside;
  • To prevent skin injury, stay away from strenuous sports and rapid movements.

Why Laser Method?

Stretch Mark Laser Treatment Near Abu Dhabi & Dubai using laser technology is now the most convenient, painless, and efficient option available. Under local anesthesia, stretch marks can be eliminated if desired an anesthetic cream is used.

What is the Course of Procedure?

Stretch mark therapy often consists of 4-6 sessions separated by a month, depending on the location and severity of the stretch marks. Following laser treatment, the skin’s treated region may experience slight swelling and redness, which will go away in two to three days, and spotty crusts will exfoliate in one to two weeks.

What Results to Expect?

Using a laser to treat stretch marks is a crude method. You must follow the specialist’s recommended course of action for each procedure to achieve a noticeable effect.

Following the end of the recovery phase, the following changes manifest:

  • Stretch marks lessen in prominence;
  • There is equal alleviation;
  • Skin tone is almost natural;
  • Increases suppleness and firmness.

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