Straighten Your Smile With Ceramic Braces in Dubai Cost & Price

Straighten Your Smile With Ceramic Braces

Treatment with braces is a long process, and not all patients are ready to walk for several years with “iron braces”, especially if the field of activity involves regular communication with people or public speaking. Enfield Royal Clinic offers a solution to the problem – aesthetic ceramic braces. In comparison to the traditional metal system, ceramics have a tint that is similar to real tooth enamel – white transparent. Such braces are ideal for persons who wish to maintain the aesthetics of their smile but without drawing attention to themselves – for example, if a person’s job involves public activities. Ceramic braces are also appropriate for youngsters who are concerned about appearance changes – an unobtrusive healing structure has a favorable influence on the psycho-emotional condition. 

What are Ceramic Braces?

The bracket systems are exclusively vestibular, meaning they can only be installed on the outside of the teeth. These are not used for lingual, or interior, constructions because the material is too delicate. Furthermore, because of their white hue, ceramic devices are visually beautiful and unobtrusive, thus hiding them is pointless. The sole difference between the systems is their operating principle:

  • The ligature arc is securely fastened to the braces using ligature rings; only a doctor may adjust the wire’s location.
  • The non-ligature arch is held by flat locks on the braces themselves and slides freely in the grooves, the doctor only monitors the dynamics and makes adjustments, the price of ceramic bracket systems without ligatures is higher because the system looks smaller, friction and load are lower, and visits to the orthodontist are reduced to once every two months.

What are the Benefits of the Treatment?

Other than the fact that you can Straighten Your Smile With Ceramic Braces in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah there are some other advantages of getting the treatment. The advantages of this system completely justify the expense of ceramic braces and bracket systems:

  • Aesthetics Because the color of the pattern is uniquely matched to the tone of the patient’s enamel, the braces are only visible from a close distance. Even in this scenario, the product seems to be a little adornment and does not detract from the overall aesthetic.
  • Comfort Ceramic systems are meticulously polished so that the smooth surface of the locks does not irritate the mucous membranes or tongue, and the material’s relative softness helps you to easily adjust to the braces.
  • Safety Ceramic is non-irritating, tasteless, and non-irritating.

How to Care for these Braces?

Careful attention is required not only to keep the color of the structure but also to maintain the health of the teeth, which are subjected to a high load during treatment.

  • To remove food debris and plaque from hard-to-reach spots under the braces, use a special brush with multi-directional bristles, brushes, and dental floss.
  • Avoid tea, coffee, beverages, and meals containing colors that can make the structure’s white surface yellowish.
  • To avoid causing harm to the system, avoid eating hard and viscous meals.
  • Avoid being exposed to extreme temperatures: eating overly hot or cold food has a detrimental impact on the condition of the braces.

The Takeaway

Enfield Royal Dental Appliances Clinic uses high-quality current technology and also does corrections on specialized instruments. We promise a favorable treatment outcome while offering the most affordable ceramic braces in Dubai!