Stem Cell Therapy For Diabetes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost & Price

Diabetes is not yet curable but advancements in biotechnology have given some options for managing it and reducing the damage caused by increased blood sugar levels. Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah has shown positive results in both type one and type 2 diabetes by restoring the insulin producing beta cells thereby potentially restoring the capability of the pancreas to control blood sugar levels. That is why in the near future, this stem cell therapy may be able to cure diabetes altogether but even now the treatment can help control and manage the disease. 

How It Works:

Stem cell therapy focuses on creating or restoring the beta cells present in the pancreas responsible for controlling blood sugar levels. Its effectiveness against both types of diabetes is as under.

  • In patients with type 1 diabetes, the immune system responds to beta cells as if they are a threat, reducing them in number. This genetic dysfunction responds exceptionally well to stem cell therapy where the pluripotent stem cells produce cells responsible for managing insulin production thereby reducing the need for insulin injections.
  • In patients with type 2 diabetes, the problem is not present at birth but rather manifests itself due to poor lifestyle choices and dietary intake. Stem cell therapy has shown that treatment can result in ease of managing type 2 diabetes where stem cells can restore the insulin producing capabilities of beta cells, however, changes in lifestyle are mandatory to better manage the condition.

Future Outlook And Limitations:

  • Since stem cell therapy is still a part of much ongoing research carried out around the globe, it has significant enough results that it is prescribed to patients suffering from either type of diabetes. It can help restore insulin production as well as relieve symptoms and complications associated with diabetes as a whole. 
  • Previously, there were concerns about obtaining stem cells and the cost incurred in doing so but research has now provided multiple options for attaining a sufficient amount of stem cells from adult mouse pancreas, umbilical cord stem cells, bone marrow, and fat meaning there is more balance between supply and demand and the cost borne. Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai provides exceptional service in this regard and to get a better perspective of how the treatment works, continue reading below for more detail on the subject.


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Before the procedure, make sure to follow the below-mentioned instructions.

  • Make sure to consult a qualified medical specialist known for treating diabetes.
  • Discuss your complete medical history, along with any allergies or medication that you may be taking.
  • The procedure cost can vary depending on each individual case so try to evaluate your condition and the expenses beforehand.


This is a procedure involving different steps which are explained below for reference.

  • Evaluation:

The procedure begins with the initial consultation during which the doctor will determine if you are a suitable candidate for therapy, the number of stem cells needed, and whether or not you are healthy enough for the treatment.

  • Harvesting & Preparing The Stem Cells:

After the evaluation, stem cells, which may be harvested from yourself or a donor source (such as donated blood, umbilical cord, or bone marrow), are isolated, activated, and prepared for transplant.

  • Transplanting Stem Cells:

The prepared stem cells are then introduced into the body through a suitable method (injection or IV) as deemed fit by your medical care provider. These cells, once inside the body, actively regenerate and increase in number while producing beta cells thereby restoring the glucose-responding capabilities of your body. 

  • Recovery:

Recovery time from stem cell treatment can vary depending on each individual case. However, it is recommended to avoid your daily activities for at least a week to allow the treatment to take effect.


Weakness and minor bruising or tenderness are normal post-procedure. Results can also vary from patient to patient and may take days or weeks depending on the condition of each patient. To get better results, consider the following instructions;

  • Bed rest is mandatory since it gives the body time to recover and helps the stem cells to reproduce more effectively.
  • This therapy will not work if you fail to make lifestyle choices such as maintaining an ideal weight and reducing or managing sugar intake as well.
  • Consult your doctor immediately in case of any unusual pain, swelling, tiredness, bleeding, or any alarming symptom.


Stem cell therapy has the following benefits;

  1. Easier to manage both types of diabetes
  2. Restored insulin production in type 1 has led to many not needing insulin injections for years to come.
  3. Reduction in complications caused by diabetes
  4. Improvements in deficiencies caused by diabetes such as healing ability.

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