Soothing Your Skin: Rosacea Treatment Explained In Dubai Cost

Have you ever had the impression that your skin has a personality all its own? It can be cool and collected one day and having a raging tantrum the next, leaving you looking like you just walked out of a sauna. If this seems familiar to you, you may be familiar with the mysterious realm of rosacea treatment. The good news is that rosacea doesn’t have to be a mystery, and anyone can learn how to soothe the skin’s raging revolt without having to become a specialist. We’ll explain the practice of Soothing Your Skin: Rosacea Treatment Explained In Dubai & Abu Dhabi in the blog below. Millions of individuals worldwide suffer from rosacea, which is like having a cranky roommate on your face that you can’t get rid of. But have no fear—we are here to act as your skin’s guide during this confusing process. This blog is your pass to calm, glowing skin, regardless of your level of skincare experience.

What Is Our Main Goal?

Restoring your skin’s sense of peace and comfort is the primary goal of rosacea treatment. Consider it as an attempt to improve the flow of a musical performance. Our goal is to calm the redness, relieve the inflammation, and improve the appearance and feel of your skin. Giving your skin the calm it needs to become a canvas of ease and confidence is the simple but important goal. 

What Causes The Skin to Act Up?

Rosacea is not your typical skin issue; rather, it’s similar to a maze that requires a customized strategy. You see, it goes beyond what is visible on the surface of your skin. To get the full picture, we must dig a little deeper. Your hereditary traits—traits that have been passed down via your family—come into play. And then there are the triggers, those enigmatic things that set off flare-ups of rosacea. These could include hot temperatures, spicy food, or even stress. Remember your surroundings as well; the things in the air and the place you reside in might affect how your skin behaves. 

Therapies Available At Our Clinic:

Laser Treatment:

The way that this treatment works is that it targets the dilated blood vessels that cause the skin to flush and become red. The blood vessels absorb this focused light energy, narrowing and eventually disappearing. Laser treatment can gradually lessen the obvious symptoms of rosacea, improving the clarity and evenness of the skin.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy: 

IPL treatment targets the red and brown pigments linked to rosacea symptoms by using a wide range of light wavelengths. These pigments absorb the energy from the IPL device, which breaks them down and allows the body to get rid of them naturally. 

Topical Medications:

Topical Rosacea Treatment in Dubai therapies, such as creams or gels containing anti-inflammatory drugs like metronidazole or azelaic acid, are often recommended by dermatologists. These topical treatments relieve redness and inflammation of the skin, giving much-needed respite from rosacea symptoms.

Oral Medications:

Dermatologists may recommend oral antibiotics such as isotretinoin or doxycycline in more severe situations. These drugs efficiently manage the redness and papules associated with rosacea by reducing internal inflammation.


Using a specialized tool, the top layer of skin is gently removed during the treatment. By lessening the appearance of redness and unevenness, this treatment helps to enhance the texture and appearance of rosacea-affected skin.

Chemical Peels:

It stimulates the production of new, healthier skin cells by exfoliating the top layer of skin using a carefully regulated chemical solution. This procedure can greatly enhance the texture of the skin and lessen redness and rosacea-related imperfections.


A minimally invasive technique called microneedling involves carefully crafting tiny surface micro-injuries. In addition to enhancing skin texture and reducing the appearance of redness and other rosacea-related symptoms, this promotes the formation of collagen.

Skincare Routine to Help Your Skin:

  • When cleaning your face, start with a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser to avoid irritating your skin. The redness may get worse if you scrub too vigorously or use really hot water.
  • Select skincare products designed for skin that is prone to rosacea or is sensitive. Seek for those with fewer components, no alcohol, and no extra aroma.
  • Use a non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic moisturizer to keep your skin nourished. By doing this, you can lessen redness and keep your skin from becoming flaky and dry.
  • Remember to use sunscreen. Even in cloudy weather, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every day. The symptoms of rosacea can be triggered by sunlight.
  • Try pressing a cool, damp towel to your face for a short while if it starts to get hot or red. It may contribute to calmness.
  • Consult a dermatologist if your symptoms are severe. To assist you in controlling your rosacea, they might recommend tablets or lotions.


We at Enfield Royal SkinCare Treatments Clinic in Dubai are aware of the difficulties associated with rosacea. But you don’t have to handle this problem by yourself. Our selection of treatments has been thoughtfully crafted to provide relief, increase your confidence, and give you back control over your skin. We use a customized strategy that takes into account your unique demands and acts as your partner in helping you achieve clearer, more tranquil skin. If you want more information regarding Soothing Your Skin: Rosacea Treatment Explained in Dubai & Abu Dhabi you can contact our experts.