Smoker’s Lips Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Deals

Dark lips cause psychological issues and are also a signal of changes that have taken place in the body. It is essential to know what caused such an unpleasant phenomenon and how to get rid of it. The appearance of a person has a significant impact on their life. Beautiful, clean skin signifies beauty, youth, and prosperity. Also, the Smoker’s Lips Treatment Cost in Dubai is nothing compared to the comfort and satisfaction you would get with the treatment.

Essence of Treatment:

The excess melanin that is accumulated in the lips causes them to appear darker. The cells containing melanin absorb laser beams, and they get destroyed. Surrounding tissues that do not have pigment remain unaffected by the laser. The accumulation of melanin is primarily observed in the upper layers of skin and can be easily targeted with a laser in just a single session. It must be remembered that each case is individual, and the doctor may prescribe additional procedures for you.


The treatment has the following advantages:

  • Fast and effective removal of age spots
  • The duration of the procedure is also short
  • The rehabilitation period is not too long either
  • The treatment causes no pain or side effects
  • The treatment has no seasonal restrictions


Best Clinic of Smoker’s Lips Treatment Cost Dubai & Abu Dhabi  Best Clinic of Smoker’s Lips Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Best Smoker’s Lips Treatment Cost Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Best Smoker’s Lips Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi  Smoker’s Lips Treatment Cost Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Smoker’s Lips Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi


The Smoker’s Lips Treatment Cost in Dubai can range from AED 750 to AED 1999. The cost is impacted by several factors, including the number of sessions, the doctor’s qualification, and the clinic level. The doctor decides the actual cost after the initial consultation.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

The prices may vary depending on the clinic you choose, insurance coverage, and many other factors. Some of which are mentioned below:

Area to be treated:

The treatment is applied in more than one area, and the more the areas are targeted, the higher the cost of the treatment.

Number of Sessions:

Most treatments require multiple sessions to achieve desired results, and the more sessions you must complete, the higher the overall cost.

Doctor’s Qualification:

All specialists have different levels of experience and remuneration for their services, depending on their knowledge and training. The higher the experience, the higher the cost.

Clinic Location:

The country, region, and city where the clinic is located also impacts how much they cost for their services.

Clinic Level:

The level of the clinic is determined by the type of equipment used, the building, the staff, and the area where the clinic is located. The higher the ratio, the more the clinic will spend on its services.

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