Smile Makeover with Crowns in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

Makeover for the smile is a common set of treatments done by everyone to enhance their look and smile. This treatment is also well known by the name Hollywood Smile Makeover. People often go for Smile Makeover with Crowns in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah which provides them with a brighter appearance and confidence in their smile.

What in Actuality this Procedure is?

This procedure is actually a set of procedures done to get back your lost confidence in smiling. When people look at Hollywood personalities they often dream to have the same look of their teeth as well but they usually have irregular, disbalance, cavity affected, pale-colored, and fallen teeth. So dentists apply a number of procedures to first resolve all the problems in the teeth and then provide an amazing aligned, brighter, and confident appearance to the teeth.

How it is Performed?

This treatment is done by following up on multiple steps. Each step is done after the fulfillment of the pre-requisite. Such as:

  • Teeth whitening is done to polish the pale-colored teeth and make them clean. This procedure takes a maximum of 15 minutes and it is a painless treatment.
  • Where there are chips and cracks in between the teeth bonding is filled inside of it. Bonding is like a cementing material that is made in the same color as your teeth. Bonding is also used in filling the cavity-affected teeth as well as the gaps between the teeth.
  • Crown Implant is then done to fix the issue of missing teeth and make a proper jaw full of teeth to enhance the aesthetic of the teeth as well as to provide a fuller look to the mouth.
  • At last dental veneers are implanted which are thin materials used as a  shell over the which gives a perfect look to the smile. And bring about the exact Hollywood smile.


There are a number of benefits that can be gotten from Smile Makeover with Crowns in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Some of them may include:

  • You never again have defective teeth.
  • No misalignment, and no stains.
  • Aside from the corrective point, there are additionally exceptionally commonsense advantages. Warped and skewed teeth can make it difficult to bite. These issues can likewise cause agony and inconvenience for certain individuals. Actual torment to the side, dental issues can likewise prompt enthusiastic misery.
  • These issues can be fixed with a grin makeover. You can look incredible, dispose of the distress, and have positive expectations about yourself.
  • It can make your grin look sound and more youthful-looking
  • The treatment can be uniquely custom-made to satisfy explicit excellence objectives

Why Choose Us?

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