Stretch Mark Removal:

It fades the prominence of older and paler marks and aids in achieving very impressive results. We offer the most revolutionary treatment of stretch mark removal in Dubai.

Stretch marks are reddish, pinkish or purplish scars that can appear on any part of the body. Usually, they are found on stomach, upper arms, thigh, breasts, and buttocks. Stretching of the skin due to damaged tissues causes the formation of these marks. This type of skin scarring can arise due to pregnancy, puberty, obesity and weight gain. At Enfield Royal Clinic, we are offering the best Stretch Mark Removal in Dubai to the frustrated and disillusioned sufferers.

Results and Benefits:


Array of treatment claims to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. In most cases, the results of laser treatment are highly effective. The success rate depends on the age and condition of skin scarring. Old and severe marks are more difficult to treat and need number of treatments while some patients with light marks will see the results they want after a couple of treatments. As each case is unique, results may vary from person to person. No Guarantee.


The procedure of Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks in Dubai is persuasive and effective for addressing the scars. Some of the benefits that one can get are:

  • Softens the appearance of marks
  • Gives smooth, well-defined and beautiful skin
  • Requires no downtime and no visible irritation
  • Offers a non-invasive, painless and safe procedure
  • Delivers long-lasting results in a few treatment sessions

Who Is Candidate?

Suffering from stretch marks is common for males and females.  You are a good candidate for the treatment if:

  • You have stable body weight
  • You want to remove scar tissues
  • Your dermis is stretched beyond capacity
  • You have a fair complexion or light skin tone
  • You have lost elasticity due to breakage of connective tissues

Aim of Treatment:

The treatment of Stretch Mark Removal in Dubai aims to soften the stretch marks in order to flatten them for achieving cosmetic concerns. You should understand that results may vary among individuals because each one of us is having different types of skin conditions. Our skincare specialists are having years of experience and training for achieving your unique skincare goals.

Technique We Use:

Stretch marks differ from individual to individual, so there is no set treatment convention. Treatment procedures are always customized for every single patient. Number of treatments is playing a wide role in fading the appearance. These are:

  1. Laser/light Treatment:

It is one of the advanced and most effective technologies that use pulsed dye laser and intense pulse light for causing the reduction of stretch marks. By doing so, it improves the appearance as well as increases the collagen production. Ultra-violet radiations following laser treatment, target damage skin, penetrate deeper and cause destruction. Once the treatment is done, burst skin is replaced by healthy skin tissues.

  1. Surgical Removal:

Surgical approach is another effective treatment for Removal of Stretch Marks completely and permanently. ‘Tummy tuck’ is the most preferred technique in this regard. It works by tightening the abdominal muscles and removing the striated skin. As a result, the stretch marks are gone forever.

  1. Microdermabrasion:

This treatment involves the use of tiny crystals to remove the top layer of skin from the affected area. It helps in correcting imperfections by stimulating the growth of new and healthy skin tissues. This makes the stretch marks less noticeable.

  1. Chemical Peels:

Chemicals for treating wrinkles and age spots are also recommended to fade the stretch marks. A chemical solution is gently applied with the help of cotton swab, sponge or brush. The type and strength of peels vary according to the condition of markings and the desire of the patient. The acid peels off the dead cells from the upper layer of skin and induces the production of new skin cells.


Normally, people experience redness and swelling in the treated area which lasts for a few days. Tightening and puling sensation can also be felt. When it comes to the recovery period of Laser Stretch Mark Treatment Dubai it is much shorter than the surgical approach. In most cases, people can resume their regular activities right after the treatment session. Most of the patients are found to heal within few weeks and are instructed to avoid sun exposure to the skin until it has healed completely.

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