Skin tumors normally emerge in regions of the skin due to excessive sun exposure on the face, nose, ears, neck, and bald area of the scalp. Skin surgery in Dubai ensures the safest surgical care for its patients at a reasonable cost.

Skin cancer is a serious condition that takes place when body cells undergo uncontrolled division of the cells. This abnormal growth gives rise to the formation of a cyst or bump called a ‘tumor’. The root cause of this disease is yet not confirmed by the surgeons. Ultra-violet (UV) radiation emitted from the sun is considered to be the most common cause of skin cancer. These radiations have the ability to damage and destroy the cells of skin tissues. Skin cancer surgery is gaining tremendous popularity by controlling tumors.

Results and Benefits:


Once the patient is done with the removal of cancerous cells through surgery it provides cosmetic and functional improvements in the affected area. If the surgery is performed in the early stage, the sufferer comes up with effective aesthetic results leaving behind very small scars. With the expertise of the surgeon and equipment used, ENFIELD ROYAL CLINIC performs skin tumor reconstructive medical procedures that can lessen scars for achieving more satisfying outcomes.


  • Achieves the highest cure rate
  • Improves control rate of tumor
  • Delivers mild side effects that subside quickly
  • Prosperous surgery for optimizing the effectiveness
  • Minimizes the surgical risks, complications, and scarring
  • Increases the accuracy of skin cancer removal with immediate results

Who Is an ideal Candidate?

Both males and females suffering from any type of skin cancer should go for skin cancer surgery. You can be a good candidate for the treatment if:

  • You are in good overall health
  • You are not a sufferer of heart problem
  • Your cancer is in a location with other tissue
  • You have lesions that are growing or bleeding
  • You have true expectations of the surgical treatment
  • You are not suffering from any other serious health condition

Aim of Treatment:

With the aim of precisely expelling carcinogenic, skin cancer surgery is utilizing particular surgical techniques to protect well being and appearance of the patients. Cancer analysis is hard to acknowledge. Treating skin lesions may bring about scars or distortion that can be disturbing. Your plastic specialist comprehends your worries and controls you through successful treatment.

Technique We Use:

A wide variety of surgical treatments with different recovery times and cure rates is available for correcting skin cancer. These treatments vary as cancer can affect any part, structure, tissue, or organ within the body. After examining the patient’s profile and the severity of cancer, the best treatment is offered to the sufferer.


The treated sites may cause soreness, redness, or little irritation. It is important to follow post-operative instructions for better healing and recovery. Cleaning and application of certain ointments are advised. Clean and protect the incision sites from any potential injury. After getting the treatment you will not be allowed to perform your routine physical activities for a few days. It may take weeks or months for improvement of the incision line.

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