Depending upon your skin tone and texture we have a variety of skincare treatments such as microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, thermage, chemical peels to improve and groom your personality. You are prime candidates of microdermabrasion if you have minor skin issues and if you want a firm and tight skin, then laser resurfacing is the best option to choose.

Skin is the most important part of anyone’s appearance, requiring a lot of care to maintain a good and healthy one. Your skin strength can be weakened because of the dust and other pollutants, present in our environment. Skin is continuously busy in protecting you by keeping your body away from infections and other diseases. Taking good care of your skin will prevent you from future skin related problems including wrinkles, spots, lines, skin cancer, etc. As it is the largest part of anyone’s body so it deserves a major portion of your care and attention. Poor quality and dark-toned facial skin have an adverse impact on the self-confidence or self-esteem of both men and women.

We are offering you a variety of skincare treatments to groom and enhance your personality, they will also help you in restoring your youth and beauty.


We are here to provide you the services that help you:

  • To improve/adjust your skin tone and texture
  • To reduce the visibility of your scars, pores and aging signs
  • To tighten your sagging skin
  • Increased production of skin proteins
  • Give multiple options for different skin types
  • Stimulate collagen production

Are you the candidate?

  1. If you have Acne scars, superficial scars and aging signs including lines, pores, and saggy skin, then you can undergo this procedure.
  2. If you want to improve the skin texture and tone
  3. You want to reduce the size of enlarged pores


A minimally invasive and very safe procedure that is suitable for almost all skin tones and is carried out to renew skin tone and texture. It removes wrinkles, dark spots, aging lines, acne, and dead skin cells. A special applicator is utilized in this procedure. Just you will have to properly consult with the facial esthetics who will be responsible for removing wrinkles from your face. The physician starts the procedure by spraying tiny crystals on your face or the skin surface. The applicator is responsible for exfoliation of the skin thus removing the outer thick/dead layer of the skin. Most probably it will require more than one session for eliminating the wrinkles and dead skin.

Chemical peels:

Also known as derma-peeling is another method of making the skin younger and vital. It is an anti-aging therapy that plays a vital role in rejuvenating the skin. In this treatment, Skin irregularities including fine lines, tone and texture are treated in a very short time. To improve the appearance of your skin, a chemical solution usually acidic in nature is applied, causing your skin to exfoliating and thus peel off the dead skin. The peel strength differs depending upon the strength of the acid. trichloroacetic acid and alpha hydroxy acid are the most commonly used acids for the renewal of the skin. More smooth and wrinkle-free skin is obtained after the procedure. The new skin should also be protected from UV light and excessive sun explosion. It will cause a temporary or permanent change of skin tone or may become more reactive to cold sores.

The peels are generally divided in three different times

  • superficial peel(penetrate only in the outer layer thus requiring one to seven days to recover)
  • Medium peel(penetrate the outer as well as middle layer requiring 7 to 14 days to heal)
  • Deep peel(deep penetration in the middle layer to remove the damaged skin cells thus requiring 14 to 21 days to recover)

Laser treatments 

Another type of skin care treatment performed by a dermatologist or a physician, responsible for improving the overall skin appearance and texture by using lasers. It improves skin appearance and treats other skin irregularities by removing damaged layers of skin with precision. The new skin looks tighter and younger. Sometimes the skin gets damaged because of polluted and harmful substances present in the environment.

Responsible for two main functions;

  1. to get rid of facial fine lines, scars, and wrinkles on face and neck(ablative)
  2. to increase collagen production in the deeper layers of skin(non-ablative)


  1. Non-invasive radiofrequency therapy in which high-frequency energy is used to penetrate the inner layers of skin to stimulate collagen production and eventually improving skin texture. A radiofrequency device is used which is moved over the face with its tip in contact with the skin. The physician will control the frequency of the radio waves. It is also responsible for enhancing contours on the face and neck.

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