Skin Whitening Treatment for Hands in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharah

Skin whitening therapy is quite trending nowadays in Asian countries. Especially women with dull skin tone go for it very often. Sometimes people use aesthetic products to whiten their face and hands but due to more exposure of hands to UV, this process of using products for whitening of skin remains no more effective. There is multiple Skin Whitening Treatment for Hands in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah for permanent results.


There are multiple whitening treatments for hands. Hand whitening can be done through chemical peels but for a permanent whitening effect an aesthetic clinical treatment is a must.

Whitening can be done through:

  • Hand Skin Whitening with Injectables
  • Laser Therapy for Skin Whitening.

Hand Skin Whitening with Injectables:

Glutathione is injected into the skin which reduces the melanin level and makes the skin lighter and brighter. This treatment needs 8 to 12 sessions and it’s not a permanent treatment it lasts for a specific time period as mentioned by the dermatologist.

Laser Therapy for Skin Whitening:

Laser Surgery involves passing high concentrated laser beam on hands skin which reduces the quantity of melanin. The different wavelengths of laser light strikes the skin layer by layer. This striking causes heat which is then absorbed by the hidden melanin beneath the skin and also absorbed by hemoglobin. Which is then diffused in blood and lightens the dark skin of hands and also removes dark spots over it.


People experience burns and redness sometimes after having whitening treatments some of the follow-ups after treatment are as under

  • Use a dermatologist prescribed sunblock.
  • Try to avoid UV rays
  • Moisturize your skin properly
  • Avoid using retinoids.
  • Avoid using chemical peels.
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Intake vitamins and minerals properly.
  • Etiquette intake of water consumption.


  • An easy and simple procedure
  • It is a permanent way to lighten skin tone.
  • A safe procedure for the skin.
  • This is the most effective way of hand whitening
  • It’s a less time taking procedure.


Results after treatment are quite impressive. The visible difference can be seen in the skin tone of hands. Skin looks brighter and clearer after treatment. Sometimes skin feels raw and dry but looks exactly according to expectations.

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Cost of Skin Whitening Treatment for Hands in Dubai may differ on the basis of different types of treatments and the skin tone of patients. Factors such as clinic location, darker skin tone, dermatologist expertise are also variables of cost. But the estimated cost range from AED 500 to AED 1500

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