Skin Neoplasm Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Royal Clinic Dubai

Take all new skin growth seriously! 

A neoplasm is an abnormal growth on the skin. It can take the form of skin marks, lipomas, melanoma, and many other conditions. People with fair skin are more prone to this problem. However, the reason for its occurrence is the overgrowth of skin cells where they should not be. In most cases, this growth is not malignant, but in subsequent years it is likely to develop into rigid cancer.

To discard this skin growth, we offer Skin Neoplasm Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi using laser, cryotherapy, or surgical excision. Our professionals highly encourage you to plan this removal as If left untreated, it can lead to incurable skin cancer.

Neoplasm and its Types:

Neoplasms are another name for abnormal skin growth. It could be anywhere on your body, but one of the main directions is around your neck, hips, and face. It is important to diagnose this skin problem ahead of time to see if it will affect your health or not.

Doctors usually classify neoplasms into two types.

Benign (non-cancerous):

This type of growth is less likely to spread to the skin or nearby tissues, but can still damage surrounding organs. Skin tags, cysts, and lipomas are the most common types that people usually complain about.

Malignant (cancerous):

Unlike benign growths, they can grow uncontrollably on your body and cause dangerous tumors that can worsen your health or sometimes don’t respond to treatment. Melanoma, Merkel cell carcinoma, or lymphoma are its major types.


Best Clinic of Skin Neoplasm Removal Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Best Clinic of Skin Neoplasm Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Best Skin Neoplasm Removal Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Best Skin Neoplasm Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Skin Neoplasm Removal Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Skin Neoplasm Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

How we Treat Skin Neoplasms:

Skin neoplasm removal in Dubai is carried with the following procedures:

  • Cryotherapy: One of the earliest most effective approaches to removing neoplasms is cryotherapy. This is done using liquid nitrogen to freeze and kill the abnormal cells.
  • Laser treatment: The use of high-intensity laser beams non-invasively destroys tissue deep in the roots.
  • Excision or shaving: This is the surgical removal of growths, which is mainly performed for cancerous growths.
  • Electrosurgery: An electrical current is generated to destroy the lesions.

Don’t forget to Check Yourself:

Regardless of whether you have been diagnosed with excess skin growth by dermatologists, start on your own. Make a diagnosis by standing in front of a mirror. Examine hard-to-reach areas and check for additional abnormal growths on the Skin Whiten. So, in any case, if your skin has a hard uneven texture, see your doctor as soon as possible. The earlier the problem is diagnosed, the less chance of risk.


We really don’t know if the abnormal skin growth is cancerous or not. Overall, there is a need for diagnosis and proper guidance to ensure that you do not have harmful skin growth. At the Royal Clinic, we always urge our patients to focus on their health and not ignore anything new or uncertain about what is happening to their bodies.

In any case, if you require Skin Neoplasm Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi or would like to know more about this unwanted skin growth, consult our dermatologists. Call us now at +971 50 955 4372 to get started