Say Goodbye to Scars with Laser Treatment in Dubai Cost & Price

Flat, dark, and unattractive patch floating on the top layer. A scar is a mark that appears on the outer surface of the skin. It is caused by the inflammation of tissue breaking inside the depth of our skin, resulting in a wound or injury. This releases a protein called collagen to emerge on the affected area, thus becoming a scar. 

We apply all sorts of methods in order to remove this scarring from wherever it seems to have appeared. However, no satisfactory results are ever attained simply by using home remedies or skincare products.

Modern issues require modern solutions. This is where Laser technology comes to your rescue. Laser treatments have the right energy to carefully eliminate the dark-looking scars caused by any skin disorder.


A laser can treat any skin discoloration and improve the appearance of the affected area. It uses precise energy to remove the damaged layer outside the skin by restoring new cells to work inside by repairing the old cells.

The laser reduces scars, according to the number of sessions that are required by every individual patient. You will notice healthy-looking skin after each therapy.

Say Goodbye to Scars with Laser Treatment in Dubai Best Say Goodbye to Scars with Laser Treatment in Dubai Best Say Goodbye to Scars with Laser Treatment Clinic in Dubai


To begin with the therapy, a dermatologist will examine the condition of your skin. You will also be asked about your medical history in order to prevent any future risks. When you have successfully passed the test for being a suitable candidate, the expert will then guide you and provide further instructions regarding the potential expectations and outcomes of this therapy. 

Patients are also advised to avoid:

  • Sunbathing, tanning, waxing, chemical peels, or usage of any beauty-enhancing injections before aiming for the treatment. 
  • Do not use any perfumes on the skin.
  • Steer clear of any chemical-based products for the skin.
  • Any intake of herbal or synthetic drugs is also prohibited.
  • No smoking for at least two weeks prior to the treatment is recommended.


Laser therapy is performed using a device that generates beams of light. Patients claim to feel a tingling sensation during the therapy, however, it’s a completely painless procedure. The laser lights promote the production of collagen and allow your cells to generate a new layer. The outer surface of the skin is discarded simply by lightly burning off the scarred patch on the affected area. This provides instant results.

You are expected to see an obvious fading within the very first session. 


After a successful treatment, you are advised to follow the following precautions.

  • Wear maximum protection from the sun; a higher SPF is required.
  • Don’t go in direct exposure to the sun as the rays will attack more harshly on your newly developed skin.
  • You might develop a sore or itchy rash on the treated area, be sure to take the oral or topical medicines prescribed to you by your dermatologist.
  • Make sure you do not apply any makeup or chemical-based products on your skin as it might clog the pores and cause an outbreak of infection.
  • Apply soothing moisturizers on the skin, this will tame the redness or any symptoms of soreness or skin irritation.
  • Take cool showers and avoid hot baths to further dry out the skin’s surface.
  • If you have undergone a facial laser, be sure to not apply any drugstore serums as they might irritate your skin and cause an acne outbreak.


  • Fast and Efficient; we want fast and rapid solutions to our skin problems. The laser provides excellent and obvious results within the least expected time.
  • Safe and convenient; it’s a drug-free approach to vibrant looking healthy and youthful skin.
  • Boosts your confidence; scarred skin might hold you back from the opportunity of a lifetime. Laser not only redeems your self-assurance but also increases your self-esteem. You will notice a positive change in your attitude regarding a professional approach to a career as well as a social maintenance to a dull life.
  • The laser has long-lasting and versatile effects on your skin. It is a safe procedure to remove damaged and flawed skin without going under the knife. If treated on the face, you will notice the fading of fine lines and wrinkles too. 
  • It’s a painless and practical treatment; saves time and acts friendly on your pocket as well.

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