Say Goodbye To Hormonal Acne With Quick And Effective Treatment in Dubai

Your self-confidence depends upon how you carry yourself, and that is totally dependent upon how you feel about your individuality, and it won’t be wrong to say that your skin plays a vital role in this regard. No doubt that it is the wish of every human being to have crystal-clear skin, and everybody loves to have it. But in teenage we go through many different hormonal changes, which usually cause acne problems. Where in the past the acne problems caused due to hormonal changes were considered incurable but in today’s world, with our highly specialized team, this is nothing to worry about.  Because we are here with some outclass treatments to deal with this problem. So, it’s time to Say goodbye to hormonal acne with quick and effective Treatment. Our team would love to help you out in dealing with the issue of Hormonal Acne.

What Is Acne?

It is a condition that occurs when excess oil and dead skin cells clog pores. Nowadays, hormonal fluctuations and modern diets in particular can contribute to this issue. This problem is becoming more common in adults, especially women, and is serious enough to require treatment.

What Is Hormonal Acne?

The occurrence of it in adulthood ranges from blackheads and whiteheads to painful cysts. It is associated with the overproduction of sebum (an oily substance within the skin glands), which clogs pores and causes breakouts.


Say Goodbye To Hormonal Acne With Quick And Effective Treatment in Dubai Best Say Goodbye To Hormonal Acne With Quick And Effective Treatment in Dubai Best Say Goodbye To Hormonal Acne With Quick And Effective Treatment Clinic in Dubai

What Are The Best Possible Treatments For Acne?

People usually go for oral medications or even sometimes home remedies, because they consider it less expensive and easy to handle methods. But one of the best and most long-lasting treatments to deal with it is laser treatment. Everyone needs to understand the fact that easy and less costly ways sometimes lead to more serious issues and can give birth to diseases that then become unbearable both physically and financially. So to avoid future pains and sufferings it is necessary to prefer laser treatment over oral medication and remedies. 

How Is The Procedure Carried Out?

  • The laser treatment should accurately consider skin type and acne type.
  • Not all skin types are suitable for all lasers, and not all lasers work for all types of acne.
  • Your doctor will carefully examine you and your problems to determine which therapy is best for you.
  • Your complexion is also taken into account when determining the type of laser to avoid visible color differences.
  • One sitting usually lasts from 45 minutes to an hour. 
  • An anesthetic gel is applied to the affected area to minimize pain and discomfort.
  • When the effect of the numbing cream appears, irradiate the affected area with a laser.
  • The laser light is highly focused and specifically targets individual pimples.
  • In some humans, the epidermis may become hot during the procedure.
  • The degree of sensation and pain during the course of action depends on the sensitivity of the skin. 
  • Some individuals may not feel any sensation or pain during treatment. 

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Treatment? 

  • It removes deep scars and pitting. In short, we can say that it is useful not only for superficial, shallow scars but also for deep depressions (boxcar and ice pick scars). This treatment tightens the epidermis by stimulating collagen regeneration for a firmer, firmer appearance and perfectly complements facial features.
  •  Less aggressive than traditional (non-destructive) methods. Traditional ways use an ablative beam of energy that can redden, irritate, and peel sensitive skin, similar to a severe sunburn. Non-ablative laser resurfacing treatment is gentle on the skin, healing, and downtime in less than a week.
  • There are partial benefits. This process eases the repair process and reduces downtime. Additionally, recovery is more comfortable as there is less tissue to heal.
  • It is suitable for all skin types. Whether she’s fair-skinned, dark-skinned, or anything in between, our CO2 laser treatments for her are perfect for patients of all ages, from teens to their 50s. It’s a cure.
  • It is Perfect for all kinds of scars. Therefore, we can say that there are two main types of acne scars.

Those that protrude above the skin (hypertrophic) and those that sink into the skin (atrophic). Laser treatments usually involve both stretching the skin and building collagen levels in recessed areas, or breaking down excess scar tissue to create a smoother skin texture.  

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