Save your Natural Teeth with Root Canal Treatment in Dubai Price

Preserve the functionality and aesthetics of your teeth

Root canal treatment is necessary when you have pulpitis or pain in a previously treated tooth. In these cases, the most important thing for the dentist is to eliminate the infection and Save your Natural Teeth with Root Canal Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Thanks to the first-class professional training and the technical equipment of the Enfield Royal Clinic, our doctors provide the highest quality of treatment. We will eliminate the cause of the pain, save your tooth, and it will serve you for many years.

Which Teeth Need Endodontic Treatment?

Treatment should be carried out if the pulp has acquired an irreversible inflammatory process. Save your Natural Teeth with Root Canal Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.


It is a soft tissue located in each tooth. The hard tissue of enamel and dentin contains a space filled with blood vessels and nerves that make up the pulp of the tooth. Vessels and nerves penetrate through the apical opening located in the root, and then upward through the root canals enter the chamber, which forms the basis of the tooth crown.

Normally, a healthy pulp is responsible for the nutrition of the dentin and the perception of external stimuli, including pain. In a situation where the infection leads to damage to the blood vessels, we are already talking about irreversible inflammatory changes, which lead to tissue necrosis.

However, pulpitis is also a chronic form. The patient does not experience pain and is often unaware of the current pathological process. In this case, the correct diagnosis can be made by pantomogram, X-ray, and examination by a dentist. It is possible for the dentist to conduct a special test, using ethyl chloride, for the susceptibility of a cold stimulus.


With this disease, the pathological process can no longer be stopped. Because the necrotized pulp undergoes destruction.

From the root canals, the pathological process passes to the tops of the root foramina, causing inflammation, and in advanced cases, cysts or abscesses.

The acute purulent form of periodontitis is often accompanied by systemic symptoms such as fever. But even if this disease is chronic and does not have pronounced symptoms, periodontal inflammation is a serious test for the body. Periodontitis serves as a gateway for infection and can even lead to endocarditis.

What other Situations may Require Endodontic Treatment?

The most common cause of pulpal inflammation that requires subsequent treatment is caries. Without addressing this problem, healthy tooth tissue is steadily destroyed, reaching the dentin and infecting the pulp.

Most often, the first signs of toothache are symptoms of irreversible pulpitis, so root canal treatment is the only solution. Hence the importance of regular dental check-ups and dealing with carious lesions at an early stage, when they are so small that they do not present pain and are not a threat to the pulp.

Infected dental injuries can also be subject to endodontic treatment. For example, if the crown was injured so much that it affected the pulp, then treatment becomes indispensable.

Canal treatment may also be needed when prosthetics of several teeth with permanent crowns, bridges, or inlays. With age, degenerative changes in the pulp occur, for this reason, the teeth may also need endodontic treatment. These and other cases are detailed in the indications for root canal treatment.

Is Root Canal Treatment Worth It?

Definitely worth it. The answer to this question seems obvious if we take into account the fact that there is no alternative in the case when there are no indications for a complete tooth extraction. You can Save your Natural Teeth with Root Canal Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. 

Although the treatment is not cheap, due to the complexity of the procedures performed and the need to use expensive materials and technologies, this cost issue is a rational argument in favor of such treatment if the choice is about the preservation of the tooth. Refusal of endodontic treatment can lead to its loss, usually within a few years. Replacing an extracted tooth with bridges or implants is a more aggressive treatment and entails a much higher cost compared to root treatment.

It is worth emphasizing the natural advantage of one’s own teeth, even after pulp removal, over artificial teeth or implants. The preserved root canal, even if only the root remains, forms the basis for a prosthetic crown. It serves as a natural support and has the most sparing method of dental procedure.

The best and most expensive implants will never reach the perfection that natural teeth have. Modern dentistry and its highly specialized field, Endodontics, allow you to keep even dead teeth in the oral cavity for many years. This option should always be used if the condition of the tooth requires it.

The Takeaway

If you did not get the results you wanted from the treatment or if your tooth has changed color after intervention in another clinic, contact our experts at Enfield Royal Orthodontists Clinic. We will perform intracanal tooth whitening and restore the aesthetics of your smile.