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Rosacea is a constant skin infection portrayed by redness and skin inflammation like appearance on the cheeks, temple, jaw, and nose. Other than that, impacted skin areas can be the scalp, eyes, neck, and back. Apparent, vessels may likewise be available, which can demolish over the long haul. It is most common in women. Get treated for Rosacea Treatment For Women in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah with us.

What are Rosacea and Its Symptoms?

Rosacea is a typical, long-haul skin condition that causes redness, sores, and expansion on the face. Frequently alluded to as grown-up skin break out, it regularly starts as an inclination to flush or become flushed without any problem. The condition seldom switches itself and can be more regrettable without treatment. Around half of the individuals with rosacea additionally have eye contribution (visual rosacea). Rosacea can be that as it may, be dealt with and controlled assuming clinical exhortation is looked for in the beginning phases. Hence, it is essential to visit a rosacea treatment center that can assist you with treating the condition before it could be more regrettable.

Signs and side effects of rosacea include:

  • Consuming and stinging sensations
  • Long-lasting redness
  • Incendiary sores
  • Little veins in the skin become apparent
  • Tissue hyperplasia (over the top cell development) prompts knobs


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What are its Causes?

There can be multiple causes of the occurrence of rosacea over the skin with time or before the 30s. Those causes are very common and can be:

  • Excessive exposure to the sun which burns the skin
  • Eating spicy food and having hot drinks that increase the face temperature
  • If not taking skincare and scrubbing skin more that makes it dry
  • Dirt in the air sticks to the skin after sweating due to exercise. So the hot temperature of the skin due to exercise can be a reason for this disease and the dirt over it provides a plus point to it. So it is good to maintain body temperature.
  • It is necessary to shield the face from hair spray because it also causes rosacea.


There can be two types of treatments performed to avoid this skin problem:

  • Medication Based Treatment:

While drugs have for some time been utilized to keep the aggravation – Such prescriptions help in lessening redness and are prescribed to utilize more than once per day. Now and again, these are encouraged to use in the mix with oral meds. Benzoyl peroxide, Tretinoin, and azelaic corrosive are ordinarily suggested by dermatologists. Though, oral drugs give quicker results than skin anti-infection agents like antibiotic medication.

  • Laser Procedure:

Patients with noticeable veins or thickened skin are considered to go through laser therapy or extraordinary heartbeat light treatment. Laser reemerging is normally applied for eliminating thickened skin by dermatologists. Lasers transmit frequencies of light that are designated on minuscule apparent vessels simply under the skin. The intensity from the laser’s energy works in the vessels, making them deteriorate.

Why Choose Us?

Rosacea is a skin disease that if not treated carefully on time then it may exceed and rise to a level where it cannot be curable anymore. It makes you look like a tomato and besides the looks, it’s harsh in nature and causes itching and pain on the skin. If you are starting to face the symptoms of rosacea then don’t wait for more and do consult with our expert dermatologists at Enfield Royal Skincare Clinic in Dubai and get yourself cured with medications but if it is worse then we will provide you with the best Laser treatment to get 100% results.

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