Root Canal Treatment for Infected Tooth in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price

When a bacteria attacks the tooth of a person it causes inflammation and infections. There is a treatment called the Root Canal Treatment for Infected Tooth in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah in which the doctor will first clean the teeth and then removes the infected material from that teeth. Those teeth will be sealed permanently after this so that no infection occurs again. People who had some trauma or incident results in cracked teeth or spaced cavity resulting in the need for this treatment. The procedure is painless and helps in relieving the pain.

What is a Root Canal?

A procedure that is used to disinfect the nerves that connected the teeth and jaws. This procedure is a painless one and helps reduce the pain. When the procedure carries on, it just feels like a filling. The overall procedure is not a painful one but that time until the procedure gets complete causes real pain. Through this process, the bacteria get causing the whole issue gets eliminated. The root canal is pretty common among people. 


The outcomes of the treatment are almost always successful. People get relief from pain and the teeth get safe from damage and decay. The teeth appear filled and the results will remain for a long time. The expertise of the doctor highly determines the final results. 

Symptoms that Show You Need a Root Canal:

There are sure signs that tell of the need for a root canal. These are as follows:

  • When you have a lot of pain in your teeth 
  • Eating hot and cold things affect your teeth i.e sensitivity
  • Your gums are swollen and hurt
  • Having pimples or pus cells on the gums 
  • Jaw get swell
  • The color of your teeth gets changed due to less oxygen supply
  • Feel pain in the teeth when pressure is applied
  • Cracked or chipped teeth that cause infection


There are many benefits of the treatment. Some of these are given below!

  • This prevents your teeth from getting loose
  • The infection will never go into the surrounding teeth
  • Your teeth’ aesthetics will get improved
  • This is a painless treatment
  • jawbone remains safe after the procedure

Preparation of the Treatment:

Before the treatment gets started the patient needs to do the following steps. These are as follows:

When the treatment needs to be done the patient should use anti-inflammatory medicines so that the infection gets treated. Do not try to smoke before the treatment as it delays the recovery time. Restrict alcohol consumption prior to the procedure. You are not restricted from eating instead it’s better to eat before the treatment as after the root canal the mouth will be numbed due to anesthesia. Stay hydrated and stay healthy.


During the process, the doctor will do X-Rays to check the infection limit. Through this, the doctor will get to know whether root canal therapy is appropriate or not. First, the doctor will apply anesthesia & which will cause numbness of the skin. The medication which is in anesthesia is nitrous oxide or an oral sedative. A rubber dam is placed over the tooth to keep it dry after which a hole will be made so that the doctor can reach into the pulp. After removing the pulp from the teeth it gets clean and disinfected. Then a dental filling will be placed in the teeth and it will be sealed. Sometimes, the doctor will cover the teeth with a dental crown which will be made within 2 to 3 weeks. 

Recovery Process:

The Root Canal Treatment for Infected Tooth in Dubai & Abu Dhabi  recovery procedure depends on the condition of the teeth which is treated. Generally, the rehabilitation process is for a few days and can be managed by medications. In your recovery journey, your doctor will advise you so that you do not suffer and get healed quickly. 

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